The Lightcast : Feeling Edgy?

Welcome to the New Age Baby.

New. Brand freakin’ new.

As in, never before seen or heard, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, fresh and clean, newly born, unfolding to the beat of our hearts.

New paradigms unfurl thanks to continuous leaps of faith.

Questioning all that we’ve agreed Is, meditating on our heart’s desire, exploring the unknown, and going for it – in sometimes big, sometimes subtle, always daring, out-there jumps.

Yes, I hear you Creation.

Yes, I believe anything, even that, is possible.

YES. I will be your agent. I will take the leap.

I will weave this thread of new possibility into the web of our collective consciousness. 

But let’s be real. Birthing new paradigms feels really scary. Who am I to _____!?

Big leaps mean we don’t know if or where or when we’ll land…or if we’ll fly.

I played it safe for years. 

It was fine. Status quo. Do as I should, look nice, be polite, don’t rock the boat. Sure, whatever you think. 

I avoided confrontation. I also felt like a traitor to myself. Like a chump. 
(Hey look! Traitor + Chump = Trump)

But then, at some point, like Thelma, a true blue Big Leaper, ‘something, like, crossed over in me and I can’t go back, I mean I just couldn’t live.’ (Thelma + Louise, 1991)

Not going back to the known outcome – running and jumping (or driving) off that cliff meant naming myself, devoting time, money, and effort to my art, offering my true gifts as a Ligthcaster and Journey Woman instead of trying to jam myself into some pre-fab profession ordained by the experts. 

Not going back means listening. To her. To my heart. To my intuition. It means obeying her and only her. It means sharing my heart without censorship. It means wearing my wings. 

It means the activist life.

As in, heart’s desire, big, wild and free, no-limit dreams activism.  

This is more than fine. It is a continuously expanding dance with the divine. It is life lived. It is homage for all those who went before and encouragement for all those coming behind. It is true love. 

Every day, every moment, asks us to step forward and leap. To surrender. To forgive. To love all the places. To let go. To fly. To create new pathways for our desire’s expression. 

Sometimes, it’s effortless. Sometimes, it’s the only choice we have.

And sometimes, our leap requires us to rely completely on sovereign places inside of ourselves we’ve never met before. Jumping into the dark night air with no idea of what comes next…that is faith. 

What comes next is always, all ways, new. New experience, new life, new love, new expansion, new neural connections, new God connections, new wings, new wisdom, new joy.

New paradigm. 

You’re not alone.

We’ll see you out there, in the big night sky, wings spread wide.