What the _____ is a #Lightcaster?


A little over a year ago, during a time of great transformation in my life, I was meditating. From the depths, I heard,

You are a Lightcaster.

Huh? WTF does that mean?

I know. That’s what I thought too.

Confused but deeply committed to obeying my heart and trusting my intuition, I titled myself Lightcaster on my website and business card and started using #lightcaster on my Instagram feed. I produced video prayers called The Lightcast.

As is usually the case, I learned by doing. The more I welcomed the Lightcaster into my sphere, the more she revealed herself to me. I trusted her, so she trusted me.

Part light worker, part broadcaster, the Lightcaster intuitively embodies the grace of light. 

Fearing no shadow, heartily honoring grief and rage, she dances on the edge, steadily focused on Light.

On her Heart.
On God.
On the Good. 

The Lightcaster commits to unshakeable faith in our Light essence. 

In herself.
In others.
In all circumstance.

She cultivates, harvests, carries, declares, and amplifies Light. 

Like all human beings, I do not cast light like a 24/7 celebratory Care Bear. Human is part of my charm. That’s why I’m here. Sometimes, I am grumpy. Angry. Short-fused. Irritable. Super-duper sensitive. Baffled. Overcome with grief.

Who’s the Lightcaster then?

I am. And if you’re reading this, you are too.

Exploration is the point. As in, go inside. Dive deep. Visit the unknown. Use a good light to take a look around. Welcome the anxiety and hurt. Dance around with your old friends grief and rage. Share it all with us so we know how do it when it’s our turn.

You Lightcaster, are keeper of the flame. Your shadows point you to light.

Lightcast to the bottom of your waves, and out as far as the heart can imagine.

Tune up to the frequency of delight, and lightcast on all of your confusing complexity mystery and nuance. Keep steady by the core of light vibrating under it all.

Lightcast on ALL of it. Lightcast on all the places within and without that have, as of yet, been untouched, unnoticed, unloved, hidden, shamed, forgotten, and ridiculed. Lightcast on all of ALL of it.

Because underneath it all, is simply, more light.

Lightcast all of your treasures out into the world. Go big. Ascend in your spaceship, climb up to the mountaintop, grab your microphone, and radiate. Let us feel your warmth.

We need it.