Yours is the Light we need to see by

Activated Private Coaching

Join me for your 90 minute sacred call hybridizing ceremony, meditation, intuitive guidance, and practical strategic coaching and answer the call of your Heart’s heart with grace, ease and passion.

During our call you will:
Connect to your multi-dimensional team of loving angels, guides and Ascended Masters.

Discover the intersection of your heart-centered gifts and deepest desires – your zone of effortless creation and highest service.

Clear the blocks of your self-doubt, energetic co-dependency, limitations, and fears of shining too brightly.

Activate your self-mastery and FULLY embody your sovereign creativity.

Walk to the edge of all of your perceived limits, leap off and experience the full spread of your wings.

Strategize and amplify your Lightcast so your ideal clients can find you.

Feel tremendously loved, supported, and cheered on by me and all of your angelic team.