can we relate?

the word relate is sister to words rapport, relationship, relative, stemming from 14c latin to bear, to bring. relating is relaying, a transmission of information, a message carried (if not delivered) – our blood, our bones, our faces, our wisdom, our voices, our emotional presence, our laugh – all the messiahs of our ancestors and theirs and theirs, expressions of God in stardust.

relation is not agreement (rooted in LIKING, CONSENTING, BEING PLEASED WITH). perspective begins with sensation and as we honor our cells, sensation shifts with presence, breath, and passage through space (time). my displeasure and disconsent (disagreement) with your perspective do not negate our relation which, along with the truth of our kinship as children and parents of a shared Source, builds a new synapse in the web of all and will undoubtedly flux in the alchemy of existence. _i relate by expressing my Cells and opening my awareness to you as you do or do not do the same. willingness and capacity (dependent on so many factors) to be present to relayed information while staying in the elegance of my discernment (boundary/immunity) of how that information inspires or insights my own field (always infused with the mystery that goes beyond word) develops my relationships which develop my Cells (me taking a picture of you taking a picture of me).

there is no such thing as misinformation nor another soul unrelatable to our own. there can be information that makes us so fucking uncomfortable that we dismiss, judge, ignore. messages that touch a nerve left open by body wisdom to be noticed and attended to, if only by righteousness but hopefully by grace. i may not relish relating to you, but we are relations no matter. the future is non binary (gender fluidity being one expression of this elemental) and invites us to exist in that meeting place of our rapports, and to breathe in and into the mystery of shared space, relating the unbearable, where the i and the you become we – the holy trinity.

It’s All Relative.