Episode 5: The Medicine of Being Human with Sena Maria

Sending you all love in this time.

Most days, I’ve been feeling really well thanks to daily breath alchemy (I offer pay as you can community virtual sessions most Fridays- add your email at fayewylder.com to get notified) and continuing to explore motherhood as holy service. Some other days, I’m ready to head home if you catch my drift (more on that in this special episode!)

I’m also receiving a lot of benefit cold showers, lymphatic self-massage, oils, as much time in open space as possible, and daily cacao and mushroom helpers, a combination which I’m well versed in thanks to my beautiful friend and today’s guest, Sena Maria. 

How are you tending yourself, yourcells, your community in these times? What songs does Earth sing you when you step outside? I’d love to know. 

On today’s episode, Sena talks about The Medicine of Being Human, the transformative and unifying power of plants, micro dosing, leaving it all behind, creating a world of sovereignty through daily action and earth connection, wanting to leave the planet, sharing our deepest pain as service, and my experience moving through many many months of depression working with plant medicine. 

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