Episode 7: Mother Lover – In Devotion to Earth

Michelle Baumbier is a researcher, Earth-based educator and devotee of the Great Mother. Her greatest calling is two-fold: to tend to the Earth as a form of devotion and to guide others to remember their innate connection to their natural surroundings. 

I met Michi on the interwebs, and as so many of my friendships, ours blossomed through a shared curiosity and devotion to Magdalene. Michi gives me hope, levity, and courage in dark times and I wish camaraderie like ours for all beings on the planet. 

She makes me laugh and listening to her teach and share and reading her writings brings back all faith in humanity. I invite you to tune in and receive her brilliant light. 

My biggest take away from today’s show was the power of offering my awareness to life. As a gift and a practice of devotion. Simple medicine for the bitter and sweet moments.


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