FEELING is the required landscape to navigate your way to God (LOVE). Ignored, feelings quickly calcify in our tissues and psyche, becoming really, really heavy, making Light Work tough and daily living impossible.
We’ve been conditioned that FEELING is scary and dangerous, but it’s repression that is epidemic and dangerous – the seed of all rage, violence, depression, and terror.
FEELING is the gateway to peace, fulfillment, and divine knowing.
FEELING isn’t in the mind. It doesn’t happen by decision.
FEELING is an embodied event hosted by your breath that automatically shifts your frequency to the divine resonance of your Soul.
FEELING must be at the Heart of all activism. When we show up felt up, we are resourced to approach the most monstrous forms of fear, anger, and grief manifesting as hate and horror with undefended LOVE.
And LOVE is the only Power the Universe abides by.
So, let’s get to it, shall we?