Get Felt Up…emotional sovereignty dismantles the machine


Emotional repression IS white supremacy.

Fear of the roaring release of the Goddess IS patriarchy.

This duality machine would have us believe our feelings aren’t safe. (In fact, FEELING is the safest harbor on Earth).

Anger and grief, the natural responses to the horrors of this machine – genocide, slavery, poverty, digital enslavement, chronic illness and mass-medicating, nuclear war, GMOs and food deserts, capitalism, climate change as huge and destructive weather happenings (emanations of humanity’s violent outrage that impact people of color the most; the result of sustained emotional suppression) are easily quelled by this myth, our sovereign power succumbing to a whirlpool of overwhelmed victimhood.

We keep quiet, numb, and busy in our private, lonely cubicles.

We become so co-dependently fragile, we don’t speak up about rape, murder, and corruption for fear of offending someone and tarnishing our privileged reputation. 

We become the hardened, embittered, lonely, terrified machine.

We are not the machine.

We are the Source. 

Our planet is sobbing, screaming, unraveling.

We are Her. She is We. What’s happening out there happens in Here.

All this (personal political planetary) pain is a beacon for Love. 

A persistent, progressive beacon for Love. (And real love is action.)

And until there’s Love, there’s…

WE are the solutions. (Being the solution, intuiting the solution, means noting without enacting the solution.)

WE are the miraculous embodiment of LOVE.

WE are responsible for this moment, this climate, this planet, this hate, this pain, our pain.

WE are the ones who need to act, in LOVE, NOW.

Until we walk through the gates of our own feelings, so often guarded by pain, we show up defended.

All defense creates all offense…

…creates pain creates giant blame showdowns led by bloated Beings desperate for Love without the faith in their natural ability to Be, Give, and Receive that Love. Beings yet unaware of their sovereignty, mudslinging across perceived sides (all of us do this), avoiding the inevitable spiritual work of unraveling into the Holy Mother’s arms to discover

We Are Her.

With simple presence and breath, we approach our tender places, FEEL our feelings, ourselves, our cells, our potential, our Divinity.

We are new, we are young, we are felt up. We are reSourced. We are reSource.

We are ready…

…to approach the phenomenon of pain, (dressed as hate, denial, and fear), crippling humanity now, with the phenomenon of our own Immaculate Heart, capable of miraculous solutions, capable to stand face to face with the face of Hate without Hating, to get out and serve as Love in action.

Feeling is not a decision.

Feeling is an embodied event hosted by your breath that automatically shifts your frequency to the divine resonance of your Soul. Your genius. Your reason for being Here Now.

FEELING is how you BeCome your purpose.

FEELING is how you become the courage to put your Life on the line that others may live too.

And that’s what this world needs.

We need you. We need Us.

Our prayer is that ALL BEINGS wake up to their place in the totality of Life, NOW, and ask for the help and support to look within, to take radical actions of empowered presence to FEEL their FEELINGs, at their belly and heart, in the light of their own holy breath.

Our prayer is that we cry, hard and beautiful, that we scream in our car and into pillows, that we shake our own body until She sweats and quivers and no longer feels enticed by the lure of finger pointing, rather ready and energized to get out on the streets and in to our Hearts to BE the Change by BEing full-spectrum, awake and aware, emotionally resourced, sovereign, sane Presence who does not need to spend energy defending herself from false terrors and therefore can help wherever she is needed, as she came here to do.

We are not here to Fight.

We are here to Love.

And it’s Love that requires Courage.

God hear our prayer.

And so it is.