Golden Embodiment Journey

Transformational breath work

Channeled guidance

Intuitive healing

Messages from your guides and angels

Clarity on your next aligned actions towards your Divine Purpose

Journeys through and beyond pain, emotional blockage and outdated patterns embedded from this and other lifetimes

Embodiment of your sovereign, sacred heart

Anchoring into the wisdom of your cells

Blessings + Unconditional love channeled from my Higher Self to yours

My session with Faye helped me to deepen into myself and my own inner wisdom. I felt alive in my truth and more fully who I really am.

Kimberly Sabina || Vocal Artist

You deserve to live the life of your wildest dreams … to feel inspired, empowered, passionate and useful, manifesting your legacy of healing wisdom and love during hours and days structured around your highest good and deepest desires.

You are ready to connect with your body, to fully experience her sensual possibility, to love her unconditionally, and to listen to her respectfully.

It is time to abandon the trappings of victimhood (pain, fear, doubt) and get busy manifesting everything that you know, deep down, you are here to do.

We need you to contribute to and receive from the infinite affluence (F L O W) of the Universe in all aspects of your life.

You are a #lightcaster, part of the new age of awakened feminine leadership currently activating on our globe. 

You were born with sacred knowledge in your body. Divine, golden light. Only you can activate your particular brand of wisdom, which the Universe needs to fully evolve. By surrendering to your dreams, desires and sovereignty, you aid in universal healing and welcome more prosperity, love and goodness into your life. Spiritual, physical and mental abundance attracts more abundance. With practice and integration, there is no limit to the Light and Love you can welcome into your temple body.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session with Faye. I began with an open heart and willingness to be honest with myself and her. The entire session flowed so naturally. She guided me through conscious breathing and created space for me to listen to and talk about the emotions I held deep inside that undoubtedly create limitations in my life. I realized my own responsibility over my thoughts and emotions. Faye provided me with a kind and strong listening ear, loving coaching and tools to shake old habits and create new ones.
It is exactly what we need in our lives. Thank you, sweet Faye.
Karla Bravo || Mama, Photographer ||

Your Journey will

  • attune you to your infinite creative capacity and the unconditional Love flowing through your veins
  • introduce you to and deepen your relationship to your guides and Angelic helpers
  • dissolve fear, doubt, grief, rage, uncovering your tap to the infinite well of Source
  • unlock joyous acceptance of your responsibility as co-creator of every moment and circumstance of your life and deep trust that all is unfolding for your Highest good
  • reveal clear answers to questions about your path and purpose
  • remind you of and integrate you with your birthright of divine sovereignty, imparting confidence in who you are and what you are here to do
  • clear physical, emotional and mental blockages in your body and life circumstances caused by held emotion and narratives
  • clarify specific life actions and paths to take
  • release tension caused by disintegration with your divine purpose
  • activate your I AM presence

There is a reason you are here. You were born free as a direct channel to Universal Love. The personal benefits of connecting with and moving from this channel are infinite. And, we need you! We need you to wake up to your sovereign light and divine purpose and to share your special wisdom.

Now is your TIME!

It is my prayer that our paths cross at the perfect moment, for the Highest good of all that IS.

Casting my light out to yours,