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Today it really sank in.

When I do what I love, how I love to do it, it feels really good. It goes really good.

Last night we had a fabulous Tiny Sacred Circle…something I was called to put together and did, using my own imagination, desires, space and strengths. I arranged the evening with two guidelines: what was easy and what felt good. Cozy space, flowers from the neighborhood, a couple of candles, crystal friends all around, tea kettle on, baby sleeping, and a quick prayer that we all shine. And shine we did!Five of us women sang, breathed, shared, and expanded and… I felt right on for most of the evening (aside from the song I suggested we jam along to which had a complex beat none of us could follow…awkward! It made for a good laugh in the end).

As I facilitated, I could literally feel my cells vibrating, my whole being activated. I was lit up. I felt powerful, graceful and at ease. I was doing what I am meant to do.(What I do, by the way, doesn’t need a title – by my own decree. But, if you must, I’m a healer coach teacher writer artist working with women on the edge of knowing. Officially, I’m a Light Caster.)

In his F A B U L O U S book, The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks encourages working from what he calls our Zone of Genius. The word genius comes from the Latin for ‘attendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination.’ Our genius is who we are born to be, our unique core essence. And each of us has a unique genius that no one, not before, and not after will have. It is our gift – the gift that goes both ways, fulfilling our deepest desires AND serving the world in the special way only we can. This is the Queen’s gift.

If you feel like you’ve heard this message, but don’t really believe living from your heart, your genius is practical, but really want to believe that your genius is really the way to go, join the club. It’s a rare bird who doesn’t, at some point, wait to make their big move before seeing how it’s done first, politely requesting permission from the powers that be, forgetting that the Power is inside of them, apologizing for their incredible brightness along the way, settling for close enough at every turn. I’ve certainly sported those feathers. And so I know, ignoring instincts, shelving natural gifts, poo pooing dreams is Painful. And if we’re awake, it’s unsustainable.

Last night confirmed things I’ve known in my heart since I was a tiny girl. For whatever reason (Motherhood? Years of spiritual searching? Kundalini rising? A slew of incredible women teachers in my life this year? Tired of for permission? Lack of sleep?) I’m ready to share my Genius with the world. I’m doing what I do best, sharing my heart with you.

I’m working on a very special online offering, set to launch this fall, for all the Queens, ready to be Lit Up, ready to feel Golden and Guided in all parts of their life, ready to embody sovereignty.

We’ll dance with themes of divinity, femininity, alchemy, affluence, emotion, desire and joy, and practice practice practice transmuting shadow to light. I’m cooking up videos and tools (pragmatic, creative, Super Woo) that will transform. We’ll enjoy a private forum where members can freely share as much or as little of their journey as they want, discuss, ask, give and receive and I’ll host Q+A sessions throughout.

This course will activate the Queen essence that is every woman’s birthright.

And as you can see from the picture of today’s office, I’m committed to creating this course the same way I hosted last night…with ease and from my heart. When traditional drafting formats left me hitting walls, I asked, ‘What feels good? What’s easy?’ and my brainstorming took flight with word art (something I’ve loved my whole life and always naturally done) and coloring. When I heard Mother Nature’s call during office hours, I listened and we jammed. Needless to say, the content is flowing and I promise, it is going to be amazing.

See the Golden Glimmer on my computer (whose name happens to be Goldie!)?

We’re coming at you, all Lit up, carrying messages of Joy and Love. 

Registration for the course will open in September. We’ll be entirely virtual so women all over the world can participate. Members can move with the group or at their own pace and will have access to the queenly content forever. You’ll be the first to hear about it here.

If you know any Queens who are ready to cast their Light and need a safe, open ladyship to evolve and practice with, please share this with them. If you’re not already on the list, head over to and sign up to hear details as they roll out. 

To all the beautiful men, while this course will be women only, I’m so grateful for your support. The rolling, wild feminine river needs the sturdy river banks to guide her.

Meanwhile, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

I send blessings for all that your heart desires. 

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