Lightcaster Club | June

Avoid the Circle Jerk as You Walk the Beauty Way




  • Your neutral, natural state is the infinite creative potential of Unconditional Love. When you operate from your unique ingenuity, you harness Divine vitality, anchoring the vibration of bliss on the planet. You are energized, supported, and enlightened by your ‘work.’ Review your daily life…tasks, errands, routines, ceremonies, habits, chores, catch phrases, hobbies. How are enjoying the natural, neutral vitality of love? How are you not? What LOVING steps can you take this month to shift your routine into greater alignment with your ingenuity? Make note of any thoughts or belief structures that come up as you map out your ideal that may be keeping you in a place of anxiety or fear around living, most of the time, in your WHoliest expression. Are they true according to your Heart? If not, exhale them into the Light. Repeat as many times as necessary.


  • Meditate on the structure of the beehive or labyrinth. Place images of these structures in your space (screen saver, phone background, altar, etc.) and feel how they bless your consciousness. If you have a labyrinth in your community, go and walk it! Make a labyrinth of daily life…hit a wall? (Wo)manifest an ingenious, miraculous solution, with your breath as your guide.


  • Do ever find yourself wondering, ‘why do we do the things we do?’ or, ‘this could be done so much more efficiently, inclusively, and beautifully.’? You are a visionary leader (all Beings have this capacity) and those inklings are the call of your Soul to birth new paradigms of joy and Love on Earth! They are very, very important impulses. Do some free writing on ways you ignore your feelings that things aren’t quite up to snuff, perhaps shrugging off responsibility to create change, settling that it’s just ‘the way things are,’ blaming ‘the system’ or ‘people in power,’ or doubting your sovereign creative power to transform your experience, thereby changing the fabric of quantum reality. Then, take some time and free write some new realities inspired by the things that seem silly to you. How WOULD you like it?


  • The Circle Jerk gives strokes to get strokes. Where in your life are you reliant on strokes (accolades, approval, assurance) from others? In what ways are you compromising or stalling your Light to receive this permission? How does this co-dependent energy exchange impact your relationships? Take some time and breathe with the parts of yourself that have become accustomed to approval from others. What ways can you support yourself, and ask for help, from Magdalene, Isis, your Family of Light, in order to feel safe to try new things, attitudes, responses, BEFORE you know how they will be received?


  • What is the one thing that you are the best at? What is the gift only you bring to this planet? How do you feel when you’re doing this (or, if you haven’t done it yet, how do you imagine it will feel)? Take some time in meditation this week and envision yourself doing this ONE thing, amplifying the FEELING you experience when you’re in your ingenuity. How can you invite this feeling into everything you do? How does this vibratory shift change your physical reality? Take some time to meditate on and write about how powerful you are as the sovereign creator of ALL of your experiences.


  • What circles are you jerking around in (family, business, social media, spiritual groups, political discussions, etc.)? Why are you there? What are you getting from this dynamic? Can you be of service there? Is it time to leave? If so, how can you gracefully exit with love? Or, if leaving isn’t necessary, perhaps an attitude adjustment or stylistic shift is. How can you participate in the circle from the neutrality of your divine inspiration?


  • Dissonance and disagreement don’t require dissing. Are you talking smack about anyone or anything? Why? How do you feel carrying this resentment? What does your Heart have to say about it? What can you let go of in order to disengage WITH LOVE? How does that feel?


  • Make a list of your fears. Next to each fear, write the underlying belief/assumption supporting that fear. Next to the assumption, write the new belief you are willing to adopt in your daily thoughts, words, and actions, to create new constellations of possibility. For instance:

1. I feel afraid that I will be disliked for the work that I do.

2. I have assumed that in order feel safe, I must feel liked. I have assumed that before I enjoy my creations, others must approve of them. I have assumed that Righteous Judgement comes from outside of myself. I have assumed that I am not one with the WHoly Light of Creation. 

3. I now confirm I AM that I AM safe because I AM and that no one’s thought, judgement, belief about me or my gifts can disrupt my natural divinity and rightful place as a giver and receiver of Unconditional Love. I now confirm that my sacred heart will never lead me astray and that as I honor Her, I honor all of Life. I now confirm that all sustenance comes from my alignment with Sophia God, the Great Spirit, and that anytime I ask, WHoly help is with me, as I synchronize my thoughts, words, and actions, with the natural flow of Universal affluence and prosperity consciousness. I now confirm that I AM the WHoly Light of Creation.  


Avoid the Circle Jerk as You Walk the Beauty Way




  • How are you gating or closing the doors of your perception, especially your multi-dimensional perception?


  • Why? What parts of you feel safer closed off in this way? What relationships feel endangered by the potential of you unlocking the doors of your perception in order to journey in the Imaginal Realm more fluidly?


  • Which of your Goddess given talents are you hiding from yourself and the world?


  • How do you withhold love in your life? In relationships? Chores? From yourself? Another way to ask this is, what feels stale and boring in your life?


  • What feels like pure delight for you? How do you commit to bringing WAY more delight into your life?


  • What parts of your life are you willing to accept mentorship from Magdalene and your Inner Child to RECEIVE more pleasure?


  • What areas of your life are you willing to GIVE more pleasure?


  • Take some time to journal about what your life and world experience would be like if all beings were deeply connected and integrated with their multi-dimensional perceptions, attuned to their energetic sensitivities and using their non ‘extra’-sensory senses to make manifest the beauty they were downloading from the infinite space of miracles.


  • Free write or vision board about what The Beauty Way looks like, or how you’d like it to look, in your regular, daily life. Remember, there is no right way to walk the beauty way, only your way!