LIGHTCASTER Club | November


November 13th


Journaling invitations

  1. What story are you repeating about yourself? Your life? The world? Others? Particular situations? How has this repetition led to resentment (re-feeling)? What is actually true?
  2. How does the presence of Peace feel like inside of you?
  3. Meditating on the Mystery of Magdalene, of You, of Life, what comes up?
  4. Practice SHOWING UP today. Arrive with your heart directing your head (use your breath), and show the world and yourself what you are through your presence. No words necessary.

November 27th

Recorded Session: Creating from the Imaginal Realm


Journaling Invitaitons

  1. Who are you beyond/behind/beneath your reputation or story?
  2. What story were you born to write and live?
  3. What does the imaginal realm feel like for you?
  4. What were you born to birth from the imaginal realm? How will this help humanity?