LIGHTCASTER Club | September



September 11th 



Journaling Invitations

What have you been conditioned to believe about fear, rage, grief, joy, and pleasure? How does this belief inform your daily life?

After three deep breaths, what do you TRULY believe about these feelings?

What / where are your particular tough / tender spots that are calling for your Love?

What does surrender mean to you?

What signs is you body and mood giving you that you are trying to control your feelings?

Take some time to write about RUTHLESS (without pity) surrender to, relaxation with, and acceptance of (as a first step of Loving) your hard spots.

Take some time to write a prayer of commitment to your Heart: what will you do in your daily life and broader spiritual practice to ensure real-time integration of your feelings in order to regenerate yourself/cells as Re-Sourced allies on Earth now?


September 25th



Journaling Invitations

Rage / Anger :: Related to the liver, throat, Burning, volcanic, roaring. Breath is sharp, swift knives wielded by the Heart. Full expansive inhale, relaxed and thoroughly dropped exhale.


Grief / Sadness :: Related to the lungs, heart, Uncontrollable waves, Typhoon. Breath is watery and full, waving in by belly, heart, and washing out completely in exhale.


Duality / Apart from God / Fear :: Related to the kidneys, heart and throat, The Eye of the Tiger. Breath as the wind, long, slow, deep, wild.


I AM the EYE of GOD :: Your true nature of divinity, relaxed, easeful, receiving to give. Breath is however you like it.