Love Up the Queen : Part 2 : Listen Up


You’re all embodied in your Queen body. Universal wisdom pours out of your cells. You’re ready to receive. It’s time to listen up.

Pure feminine is in the shape of a bowl. Empty. The Queen receives and resounds, birthing and broadcasting messages of light.

Inspiration, transmission, muse…it all needs a way in. When we listen, closely, deeply, whole-heartedly, Truth comes through. Listening opens the channel.

The more space we create with silent presence, the more wisdom we attract, affluent streams of feminine power, creativity and love flowing freely through us.

Emptiness facilitates abundance. New moon turns to full moon.


I tell my man my heart. I talk to him about what’s going on and how I really feel about…most all of it. We’ve got it good like that. He is wise and so logically manly that, sometimes, he responds to my words (feelings) with advice, solutions, ideas.

Argggggg. This ticks me off soooooooooo much.

 Please! Just listen! I don’t want answers. I need a place to get this out, another being to witness All of Me. I want, I NEED to unearth my heart, to lay out its contents in fresh air sunlight and let it breathe. There is so much in here, rolling, waving, pulsing and emerging. Now and then, from time to time, please, just listen to my roar.

We’ve got it all worked out now (well, maybe not ALL of it). Now, when I’m immersed in that emotional potion of sad and mad, afraid and bereaved, I can tell him, look at him and he says, ‘Come here Love. I can hold you while you cry.’ He holds me and listens, making a bowl for the universe of emotion coming out of me.

And then? And then it changes and sobs make way for the cosmic laugh and we feel present, grateful and well. Solutions hang like ripe fruit, problems and pain evaporate.

I highly recommend a man like my man…so manly in is feminine ways.

Yes. Please. Thank you.


If I crave this space holder, this bowl shaped presence of warm arms and open heart so badly, so must the Queen inside of me. So must my Queen friends, so must my Queen man. If she’s ignored or talked over or peppered with solutions, I understand that she feels P I S S E D…even, dare I say, rageful. (Hell hath no fury…)

Talk about hating on the Queen. Damned up with answers, opinion and commentary for long enough, her hot, wild, infinite flow is blocked and stifled, corrodes and pressurizes. It distorts. It implodes. It explodes. Conditioned to fear her feeling-shaped Truth, she hesitates to share it and experiences the depression of stifled self-expression, unrealized dreams and disregarded wisdom. Meanwhile, her family, her community, her universe are starved of her vital, unique message.

Woman, can you relate?

The Queen is inside of all of us, part of this lifetime’s package, full of grace, love and wisdom. She is with everyone we encounter, with our ancestors, family, friends, bosses, colleagues, teachers, strangers and guides.

The Queen is always resourcing for us. She brings what we need, fulfilling desires, answering prayers, showing us the way…if we listen.

She’s got a lot to unpack. She needs a place to shake it out, air it out, to unwind, unravel, decompress, and integrate. She needs a room of her own, warm and quiet. She needs the place of listening.


Listen to the Queen inside of you (Woman, please, please meditate!) and to all of the Queens in your life. Her wisdom comes in feelings.

  • Ground yourself with the Earth – feet flat, spine tall, eyes up, chest lifted
  • Open your heart – in all ways
  • Breathe – deeply, slowly
  • Be quiet – Be quiet – Be quiet
  • Let go of what you think, want, expect, believe, fear
  • Feel your feelings – Take nothing personally
  • Be quiet – Keep quiet
  • Let the lava heart flow
  • Jam with the Infinite Wisdom
  • Watch it all transform

Practice listening and she’ll speak to you all of the time in all places – you’ll hear her in the tree rustle, the kettle whistle, on the radio and in the shower. As you widen your receiver, messages of love, hope, reassurance, guidance, jokes and fables, will arrive in your heart every day. All day long. Practice listening and dissolve the illusion of separation; your wisdom is the Queen’s wisdom is The Wisdom.

Listening is heart work. Drop down down down from your mind. Thoughts will come and come and come and come. Your phenomenal psychic powers and perfectly relatable experience will herald answers, ways out and feedback. Don’t rush to relate. The awkward silences of Listening make the tinder for collaborative, creative spark and unspeakable connection.

Sometimes moving your body facilitates listening. Feel your way through each situation to gauge how wild and weird you can get. If you’re in a work meeting, toe spirals may be the limit. Full body undulations may be in order in the presence of your fellow Priestesses. When we move, we set in motion old blocks of stored emotion that interfere with our receiver.


Listen to honor. Listen to love.  Listen to hear the universal wisdom contained in your Queen and her Queen and his Queen.

Give the Queen space. Become the empty bowl and fill up with love, grace and wisdom. Breathe to integrate it with your version of the story and to create new flavors of Truth that can ripple out to more and more Beings. Beware of energetic sediment dumps that come with taking it personally. Use your breath and feminine forces to move, transform, and re-sound what you hear, what you hold.

There is a time for feedback, to bounce something off of each other. Be present, tune in, and you’ll have the clarity to know when to speak up, how to act, what to say.

Actively disengage from misogyny, from the suppression of feminine power and wisdom. Open up as a receiver, invite in the hysterical, messy, shape shifting flow (She isn’t linear) that happens when we listen to ourselves and to each other. Pay close, special attention to children and elders.

Listening makes room, creates a flexible container for inspiration to give birth. Listening taps the mystery of creation where nothing need be said or done, simple Being facilitates transformation.

Listen up for the Queen. She is there. She is here. She is you.


What great listening tools do you use? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. And always, I’d be honored if you share this with your people. 


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