Love Up the Queen: The End of Misogyny in Me, Part 1


Misogyny: hating on the Queen.

The Queen embodies the Divine Feminine.

She is Goddess, Mythic, Power, Channel, Emoter, Helper, Creator, Sustainer, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Mover, Lover.

By birthright, the Queen is sovereign and empowered to joyfully serve.

Woman, you are the Queen.

Hating on someone discounts their message and overlooks their power. Haters might be rude, dismissive, cruel or violent.

Woman, don’t be a Hater.

We can hiss at men and society for perpetuating misogyny. We can rage against the system keeping us down and holding us back, cry out against violence and rape. We can point out media objectification of women, and hustle to close the pay gap.


Woman, we are wise and we understand that things are the way they are because of the way that we are.

To change things, we must change ourselves.

Cultural disruptions begins with personal revolution. 


A few weeks after giving birth, I was ragging on my body to my husband as I nursed our son.

I spawned a human being, labored for three days, endured major surgery, and provided all of his sustenance since. All brought to you by my body.

Consequently, I weigh more than I used to and had to buy bigger pants.

Things are, overall, softer.

Some part of me felt obligated to complain and worry about this.

My man listened to my gripe then pointed to our son and lovingly said, ‘he’s listening.’

I looked at my baby. Yes, he was listening. In that pure, open, receptive, I’m here to learn, please teach me the ways of this world, baby kind of way. He was listening to me. And he was hearing Queen Hate – straight from his mother’s mouth.

I’m not a hateful person, but I look at this way. If I’m not busy living, I’m busy dying. If I’m not busy loving, I’m busy hating. And once I started paying attention, a lot of my thoughts and actions about and towards myself, and other women, showed their non-loving colors.

I’ve been dismissive and disrespectful of the Queenliest parts of myself. I’ve hated on my body, moods, desires, intuitions, passions, creativity and unique traits, slicing at the center of my femininity.

So, I found misogyny. Right here. In me.

No more.

I’m on a mission to initiate my son into a world where women are respected and adored, supported and treasured, a world where women are relied on for their inherent wisdom, strength, and creativity.

I’m on a mission to initiate myself to this world.

Woman, I hope you’ll join me. I hope you’ll love up your Queen to heal wounds, reimagine embedded ideas of beauty, embody joy and set off a love spiral around Mother Earth.

I hope you’ll love up the Queen to feel energized and vibrant, to be healthier, happier and more useful.


Strategy #1: Inhabit Your Skin + Bones

Embody Your Queen Body to feel empowered, sensual and sovereign.

The Queen lives in your body. Her sacred knowledge is a part of your cellular makeup. Embodied exploration of life honors the Queen and connects you to your inner wisdom.

Live in your body more than you look at her from outside.

Inhabit your body to create in ways that you love and that feel good to you.

The more time you spend inhabiting and experiencing, the less time you’ll have to externally judge her.

We’ve been handed down images of the female body since pre-historic times. Back in the day these images regaled and worshipped the feminine for her essential life giving power.

These days mainstream feminine image bombards, objectifies and sells. Years spent engaging with mass-market rules of beauty 24/7, and it’s no wonder so many women are at once obsessed with, disconnected from and spiteful toward their Life Force of a body.

All this time spent on the outside critically looking in – or rather, at our three-dimensional image, and we neglect the multi-dimensional treasure of experiencing the world from the truly unique vantage point of our body.

Embodiment naturally erodes cultural norms about how we ‘should’ look, act or feel and attunes us with biological wisdom and pleasure.


I have always been a dancer. I love to dance. Dance brings me pure joy, connection and power. Dance belongs to me.

Somewhere in my teen years, dance became an ego game, a venue for my insecurities and insatiable need to be approved of to play out. I became totally obsessed with what I looked like and how I was perceived.

As a bootylicious, low-to-the-ground shorty, it took a lot of effort to try to conform to the willowy girl world of ballet. I ALWAYS felt bad about myself, about my body and like I was a terrible dancer. Dancing became more about how I looked rather than about how I felt.

All the joy was gone. So, eventually, I quit.

Years later, when I was ready to dance again (alone, in my kitchen), I felt tame and withdrawn.

It took practice and dedication to be free, be myself, to move consciously and instinctually and solely for the sake of experiencing pleasure.

And now…I dance all the time. I dance alone, with my husband, with my son, with my friends. I always dance like no one is watching and usually, no one is.

But the Queen inside of me and she is watching.

The Queen is on the inside feeling out. She watches and experiences the world, swirling and waving as she fills my whole body and being, relishing the landscape of attuned time and space from behind my eyes. She is honored, strong, alive and she loves it.


Find your way in.        

Think back to what you loved doing as a child. Try doing those things now. You may need a little practice, but you know what to do.

Meditate on your current physical life.

What are you doing with your body? What are you making with your body?

Why are you doing what you’re doing with your body?

How does it feel inside of your body?

Does it feel good and bring you health and pleasure? If not, why are you doing it?

Are you atrophying? Are your nerves frayed?

Pain and discomfort are signals from your body, from the Queen, that something is not quite right in your life. It is up to you to listen and act.

For many, disembodiment is defense against old trauma and heartbreak. If you need help with your entry, we can help you.

Ignore her cues and she’ll bring the fire, tsunami and the earthquake. The Queen will be heard.

Attend to the Queen and forge a deep bond of trust that will support your every move, guide and protect you. Show her the world through your eyes and connect to infinite waves of sensual bliss. She’ll repay you in dividends of healing energy and channels of abundance.

What do you long to do in and with your body? Do that.

Experiment with different embodiment entry points.

Ask your Queen, would you like to…

Relax, Dance, Kiss, Sing, Garden, Draw, Eat, Listen, Yoga, Meditate, Spend Time with Nature, Make Love, Run, Swim, Swing, Laugh, Hang, Birth, Invert, Smile, Look Up, Stretch, Breathe, Look in Someone’s Eyes

Feel your breath lull you to sleep, feel the pulse of your blood and the rapid fire of your neurons. Feel the space between my heart and yours. Feel your DNA expressing. Feel your imagination pulsing. Feel the love.

Keep it easy, keep it light, laugh and have fun. Relax and connect with your pleasure.

The Queen lives in your body and she is wise. Dive in, pay your respects and unlock the library of universal wisdom and guidance, the flow of creative force that you were born with.

You feel. You know.

So busy dancing, no time left for hating.

Queen, we need you.


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