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Infuse your Business with Magdalene’s Mentorship

Claim your seat and

Deepen your connection to Mary Magdalene’s life, her story and her message

Apply her legacy of embodied divinity to your life + business

Accelerate your self-mastery to amplify your broadcast, offer more Love and increase your income

Connect with your Magdalene siStars in this lifetime, SHARE your remembrance of Magdalene’s message and receive activations from your fellow siStars 

Whether your business is just sprouting or in full bloom, whether you have mentored with Mary Magdalene before or are just meeting her, you are called you to step forward to receive and give the blessing of Unconditional Love.

Mary Magdalene and your siStars are thrilled to see you succeed in your soulful enterprise!

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Mary Magdalene’s human life paralleled the entrepreneurial path, steadfastly weaving beauty, difficulty, courage, transformation, and faith.

As Mary’s life called her, your business calls you forward, day after day, to fully embrace and love ALL the facets of yourself in order to clearly channel your message and Lightcast it into the world as your highest service.

Are you a soulful entrepreneur mastering the alignment of your divine femininity and purposeful expression in this lifetime?

Is your work an extension of your heart, a vehicle for awakening for you and all you serve?

Do you struggle to keep your business aligned with your Spirit out of fear of not doing things the ‘right’ way? 

Are you drawn to Mary Magdalene? Do you overhear her name, see her image and words, or receive her visits in your meditation and dreams?

If so, you are a part of Mary Magdalene’s High Priestess lineage, descended from Goddesses Hathor and Isis, also including Mother Mary. You are alive at a tremendous time of healing and awakening for our collective siStarhood. Come closer and anoint your business strategy with more LOVE!

Four Journeys Themed on Mary Magdalene’s Living Legacy

1. The BELOVED: Mary walked as Jesus’ Beloved twin flame and loving reflection

Embrace your business as your Beloved twin flame – your reflection of unconditional love and your human divinity

Ebb and flow between Divine Masculine + Feminine, balancing the giving and receiving of support in your work and life

Hone you creative potential to sovereignly rebirth yourself and your work in any moment you choose

2. The HUMAN: Mary lived a very human lifetime that included pain, loss, and confusion

Ground into Gaia to fully express your multi-dimensionality in your work

Anoint your physical experience, welcoming ALL feelings and experience as sacred teachers

Embody your sovereignty to end victimhood

Authentically share your complete humanity to attract those you are meant to serve

3. The INTUITIVE LEADER: Mary listened to the Angels of her intuition and heeded their call

Clear and align your nervous system by the power of your breath

Hone your intuition to develop your perfect business messaging and strategy

Walk forward in the face of great fear and doubt with complete faith in your Goodness and mission

Live your message; attract and inspire more clients to do the same

4. The LIGHTCASTER: Mary Lightcast Unconditional Love across all space and time

Clarify and amplify the Light of your branding and copy, magnetizing your ideal clients to you

Love and bless the critics, the lovers, and the haters – within and without

Question all the trends and create TIMELESS work

All Journeys take place in our virtual sanctuary via Zoom videoconferencing.

*While you do not need to be present for all Journeys, please keep in your heart how powerful your presence is and prioritize these times if you are called to participate*

Your Investment Includes:

  • Four guided Journeys anchored in your Divine Feminine heritage
  • Healings and activations fueled by your breath
  • Downloads from Mary Magdalene, guided by themes from her life, to infuse into your entrepreneurial tool kit
  • A safe, loving circle to discuss Mary Magdalene’s life and message as it relates to your modern-day experience as an enterprising woman
  • Opportunity to share your transmissions and revelations
  • Recordings of all four Journeys
  • Access to our secret Facebook group to share your process, and receive additional support from Faye and your siStars as you integrate
Faye has brought so much light and ease and pure joy to my life. This is a chance to do something life-changing for yourself, your family, and for the next generations. Her work is really that impactful.
Heather Bristow || Holistic Landscape Designer ||

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These Journeys are offered in the name of healing and awakening for her participants, and for all siStars, everywhere, present and passed, stoking the High Priestess flame of Magdalene’s teachings in the face of tremendous persecution for their divine heritage.


Even if you don’t completely understand Magdalene’s message or you are confused about her life story, you are invited to come closer and receive the light of Unconditional Love Mary Magdalene has cast for thousands of years as your reflection.