The Queen’s Course || FAQs

What is The Queen’s Course?

The Queen’s Course is a six week, interactive, video based course in spiritual living for ambitious, creative women who understand that the world changes as we change.

Surrounded by a circle of supportive sisters, Queen’s rediscover their embodied sovereignty…the light of creation born in each of us…and cultivate spiritual life practices that reflect this creative reality emanating from their own heart.

Encouraged and mentored along the way, Queen’s eradicate outdated and burdensome feelings, beliefs, and standards and craft an enlightened, flexible template of joy for their life. This is done with an understanding that when we shine, we effortlessly inspire those around us to shine, thereby amplifying our service work on the planet.

The Queen’s Course follows six guideposts: Embody, Clear, Elevate + Delegate, Golden, Sovereignty + Sisterhood, and Lead to Serve.

How does The Queen’s Course work? 

Each week, for six weeks, Queen’s receive an email with access to videos with lessons, journal prompts, meditations, and life practices to support them for the week’s segment.

Queen’s are all admitted to the Course’s secrete Facebook group where all are safe to share the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly that inevitably arises in the face of deep transformation. Faye participates in this forum regularly, answering questions and offering guidance. All Queen’s are encouraged to support one another and share their wisdom and experience here too. The Queen’s Course is a journey we create together…each Queen’s creatrix magic elevates our awakening.

Additionally, Faye hosts three Q+A calls on which she answers ANY questions Queen’s have about Course content, their experience, breakdowns and breakthroughs. This is an incredibly valuable time to receive one-on-one time with Faye.

Q+A calls will take place on Tuesdays, 7:30 pm PST on Weeks 2, 4, and 6.

Questions will be taken from call participants and from email. All calls will be recorded and shared with the group. It is not necessary to attend the calls live; Queen’s can still submit a question and get the whole down low via the replay!

Queen’s should expect surprises and delights along the way.

Because The Queen’s Course is a recursive journey that deepens with each circle around, all Queen’s are invited to every Queen’s Course offered in the future. Forever. For free.

Who is The Queen’s Course for?

The Queen’s Course is for women ready to reimagine the world by the light of their own heart. The Queen’s Course is for women who sense their place in the new paradigm of awakened feminine leadership, women who get that honoring their desire serves the highest good of all that is. The Course is for women who understand that we can’t do this alone.

The Queen’s Course calls to women tired of playing the victim, done living by the ‘should,’ finished with efforting towards someone else’s dream. The Queen’s Course calls to women ready to abide by the compass of their heart, regardless of what anyone else says, thinks or does, thereby cultivating faith in the golden good inside us all.

Whether a brand new new spiritual seeker, or seasoned lightworker, this Course invites all of us to elevate our life to the level of our heart’s highest calling.

What if the Course dates don’t work for my schedule? 

The Course is designed to be self-paced and low-pressure. The Queen moves at the pace of her own flow. Because the content is live forever, it is easy to take one’s time or move with the group, as it suits each Queen.

What is the investment for The Queen’s Course?

In Spring, 2016, The Queen’s Course is offered for $333.

This includes hours of video content, live guidance from Faye via Facebook and Q+A calls and a broad network of other Queens.

All content stays live forever, and all Queen’s are invited back, FOR FREE, to every Queen’s Course held in the future.

What if I can’t afford $333? 

There are three payment options available to make the Course accessible.

$333 || One payment

$188 || Two payments

$133 || Three payments

Can men participate in The Queen’s Course?

For now, the Course is only open to self-identified women. Faye offers private mentorship for men and co-ed circles from time to time.

I prefer to work one-on-one

Check out Faye’s private coaching offerings here.

Who is Faye Wylder?

Read more about Faye here and check out her prayer broadcast, The Lightcast here.