The Queen’s Course

The actualized woman is powerful unto herself and gives birth to things divine. Today we have the chance to give birth to a healed and transformed world. This cannot be done without a major uprising of the glorious in women, because nothing can be healed without the female powers that nurture and protect, intuit and endure…Something new is brewing and let’s be grateful that it is.

Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth


The Queen’s Course is a six-week virtual education in golden embodied sovereignty. Join a network of sisters practicing their divine birthright, co-creating a new paradigm of consciousness based on joyful self-expression.

EMBODIED…present, feminine, flowing, grounded, aligned, active, balanced, earthly, regenerating, breathing, alive, transforming, channeled, wise, healing, temple, shapeshifting, creator

GOLDEN…beautiful, affluent, precious, strong, valuable, supportive, integrated, sacred, energetic, deep, ancient, flexible, glowing, useful, peaceful, distinctive, natural, universal, bright, seen, multi-faceted

SOVEREIGN…crowned, anointed, sustaining, welcoming, decided, empowered, holy, guided, secure, leading, receiving, integrated, rhythmic, boundless, autonomous, royal, free, protected, supported, helpful, cooperative

Are you ready Queen? 

Our next Course begins May 2nd!

Faye has brought so much light and ease and pure joy to my life. This is a chance to do something life-changing for yourself, your family, and for the next generations. Her work is really that impactful.
Heather Bristow || Holistic Landscape Designer ||

The Queen’s Course FAQs

It is time to…

Shake off the shoulds

Relax into your golden birthright of holy, sovereign joy and service 

Embody your Power, continuously expanding in love and light, empowering all around you to do the same

Access your innate healing powers

Feel how you feel, say what you mean, and create from your heart

Step into your place as Sister and Leader in the new age of awakened feminine leadership

Your body is encoded with golden Love + Light. Now is the time to activate! We need everything you’ve got! 

The Queen’s Course is the gift that keeps on giving. Little gems from the course continue to show themselves when I need them. Faye has created a forum of golden goodness where I  feel safe and inspired to dig deep, share and work through my heart.

Sasha Faye || Mama, Stylist || California

You are ready Queen

Since the Queen’s Course, my communication with my husband has opened up. The overall vibe I have with my self has become more sacred and my level of self-care has raised a few notches. I am clearing a path for my desires in my life. My goal of helping people better understand their purpose and creative nature seems more real.

Roz W. || Mama, Healer, Creative Entrepreneur || California

The Queen’s Course Includes 

Weekly video lessons + emails of enlightening content including meditations, mantras, guided movement, musings, prompts, practices, and channeled guidance.

Three Q+A calls on which I will answer ANY question you have about content, your experience, your breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Q+A calls will take place on Tuesdays, 7:30 pm PST on Weeks 2, 5, and 6

Questions will be taken from call participants AND from email. All calls will be recorded and shared. If you can’t make a call, you can still submit a question and get the whole down low via the replay!

VIP access to our SECRET Facebook group where you can safely and freely share your Journey, discuss activations + intuitions, and enjoy the container of Sisterhood that will shield and support us on this and other Journeys.

Lots of special bonuses + surprises along the way.

Lifetime access to all Course content. You can circle back, unwind and rewind anytime you feel inspired.

Enrollment is forever. You are invited on every new iteration of the Course. Forever. 

Week 1 || EMBODY

The Queen’s body is her Ultimate Authority. Connect with the infinite wisdom of your cells. Feel a yes vs. a no. Breath, breath and more breath.

Week 2 || CLEAR || Q+A Call

The Queen is a Divine Conduit. What’s blocking the channel to your inner sovereign voice? What energy is unconsciously spilling out? Spot and clear the clogs and leaks in your physical space, body, heart, spirit, practices and relationships and enjoy the never ending flow of energy through your being.


The Queen Rises to Her Occasion. Find your Sweetest Spot, Divine Purpose, Highest Calling. LIVE THERE. Create community to help you with everything else.

Week 4 ||GOLDEN || Q+A Call

The Queen’s Compass is Set to DESIRE. Ignite your Ultimate Oracle (your body) through pleasure. Awaken + praise your Divine Feminine. Awaken + praise your Divine Masculine. Connect with Mother Earth. Create from your heart.


The Queen Rules by Birthright + Honors the Grace in All. Initiate, anoint and crown yourself. Not to overpower. Always to empower. Embody responsibility and drop obligation. Manifest supportive, loving, joyous sisterhood + brotherhood that ebbs with your flow.

Week 6 || LEAD to SERVE || Q+A Call

The Queen Serves. Your dreams are your Divine Duty and your greatest gift to the globe. Clarify your mission and get busy serving the Highest Good.

Who is the Queen?

The Queen gracefully abandons attitudes of victimhood and obligation, joyfully co-creating her energy, time, and circumstance.

The Queen takes impeccable care of her spiritual, emotional and physical realms as acts of Divine service. As the Queen is, so is the Universe.

The Queen is surrounded and supported by her sisters, lovers, helpers, guides, teachers, healers, confidants.

The Queen is infinitely creative and regenerative, Mother to and Daughter of the Divine Feminine. 

The Queen is surrounded and supported by her Brothers, her Fathers, Grandfathers and Sons. She harmoniously balances the masculine and feminine forces within and without her.

The Queen is rooted in Mother Earth, inspired and supported by the seasons.

The Queen is an affluent channel – her breath, her emotions, her money, her words, her body flow. She welcomes in spiritual and physical prosperity and contributes in kind, ever balanced in a state of thriving wellness.

The Queen is nourished, fed by the infinite well of the Divine, a feminine master in the art of womanifestation and transmutation.

The Queen delegates, cooperates, and elevates.

The Queen listens. The Queen receives. The Queen trusts. The Queen heeds.

The Queen embodies all of the wisdom of the Universe within her cellular structure. She journeys to remember and activate this wisdom for the highest good of all that is.

The Queen conducts unlimited Universal energy. She is Keystone in the new age of feminine leadership.

Does this sound like the woman you want to be? Are you ready to Crown yourself? Me too. I created the Queen’s Course based on the way I want to feel in my life. I’ve woven together years of training and experience in the healing arts into a practical course that flows with any lifestyle and will meet you where you are on your spiritual path.

Taking impeccable care of ourselves, amplifying our voice, lovingly using our time and energy to cultivate what we desire, seeking pleasure and ease as pathways to high leadership and service…this Course is the education we never got in school but when we see integrated in others, gives us tingles, makes us lean in…yes please, I’ll have what she’s having.

This is the Queen. When we cast our light authentically and courageously, others feel safe to do the same. Think of the exponential impact your awakening will have on your family, your clients, your friends, your community, your world. We are all royal, sacred, holy. We all have a vision the whole world has been longing to see.

If you’re ready to shed everything and finally live from your authentic heart, the Queen’s Course is offered to you as a safe, supportive experience of your sovereignty. I hope you’ll join us.

Faye’s course and guidance is enlightened and grounded with a spin of worldly esotericism that opens our hearts and minds to understanding ourselves and our own wisdom with love.

Trish || California

The Queen’s Course is an entirely virtual experience. Your Journey takes place where and when You Are.

All materials will be yours forever. Journey with us or at your own pace.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you’re in for this and ALL future Queen’s Courses. Forever.

About Faye

I am a light caster, part of the new age of awakening feminine leadership, broadcasting messages of Love + Light.

I encourage and mentor women poised on the leading edge of light work.

Your sovereignty, unique as your fingerprint, encoded in your body, is infinitely creative and directly connected to the divine. To fully evolve, we need your special brand of wisdom. 

My work is intuitively channeled and informed by my  diverse and extensive training in dance, yoga, literature, birth + death doula work, holistic healing, teaching, coaching, and spiritual inquiry. I am a practical mystic, here to participate in global activations of Love. I serve for the Highest Good of All that Is.


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