I am a LIGHTCASTER, a Spiritual Mentor, Mama, and Dancer. I am very, very Human.

I mentor EnterpRising Feminine Leaders, to activate their sovereignty, and amplify their light, naturally increasing their spiritual and material affluence. I work closely with the over lighting mentorship of Mary Magdalene, streaming her mystery, message, and Unconditional Love into modern entrepreneurship and living.

Weaving embodied divinity with practical, aligned tools, I empower women to upgrade their nervous systems (because making stuff can be scary!) and really, truly, vibrantly, courageously shine the Light they came to shine, creating and anchoring new paradigms of Love for humanity through their thriving enterprise.


Monica Lucero
 Faye, you hold pristine, honest, real time space. I am SO grateful. 
Bella Moon
 In The Magdalene Entrepreneur, Faye was the Keeper of Our Hearts. Our Cheerleader. Our Sister. Our Mother. Our Guide. It felt like she held my hand and spoke directly to ME. Faye is an open, loving, beaming, starlight Channel. She made Magdalene’s magic super down to earth, and applicable to my life and I am grateful for that. I feel like I can live a fully integrated, spiritual life because of her example. 
Julie Titus
 Oh Faye, I love your presence and style. I love how your embodiment shines through everything you do. I love your use of breath, song, and body. I love how human you are, and yet divine simultaneously, which is a core piece of the message I received from you. I feel excited watching you get excited and smile and express your love of Mary. You inspire me so much.