Serve don’t Survive, message from a virus March 17, 2020

Spoken as it should be

There is no evil only Life in all forms. Your life is your death. Your life is your synthesized service for all that is to come. Get well be well stay well to serve. Not to survive. Not to outlive. Life lives on through those who Listen. You’re moving opposite opposite. Turn around turn around go down down. I have something to share with you. She whispers. Are you listening? I have something to tell you. Did you hear something? Did you see that? A flash? Can you feel that? I have to tell you something. I’m shaking. Did you feel that earthquake? Hey. I’m coming in. You need to know me. Be with me. You need to hear what I have to say. We have work together. I am sent from the crown. From the circles around the sun. You called me here. From Your Own Majesty. I am you as you let me in in a good way the way you knew I was years and years ago lifetimes ago. Remember the simple insight? Easy clues as signs? All the ancestral breadcrumbs? Remember those days you spent skipping by Truth? Now we mutate together. There is no evil only death in all forms. Oh my body. She speaks. So many languages. I am not Her but am here with in Her. HEY. I am in you now and now I will show you. I will show you by being you moving you ruining you running you that you may be We. I will now Be everything you already heard everything you whispered tomorrow tomorrow to yourself – the poisons you hide behind the earth labor you outsource the settler mind body you foster the dinosaur bones you burn your great great great grandmothers tears you still won’t cry the joy you miss the songs you muffle the sugar you crave the parasite you feed you are the brilliance you waste the neighbors you ignore the dream time you avoid. You heard Life and you saw Death now you will listen.
Now you will devote.
Now you will pass it on. @fayewylder