The Wylder Talks

The Wylder Talks

Believing, weaving and being our Ancient Future

Welcome to The Wylder Talks, a podcast broadcasting on the multidimensional experiences of life. She’ll show us what she’s about as she unfolds, but she’ll most certainly touch on Christ Consciousness, mothering, plant medicine and global healing through active reconnection to the Earth.

  • Episode 01 – Be Wrong to Stay Young: the healing power of our fallibility

    Hi Friends! Welcome to the first episode of The Wylder Talks.  This episode is just me, birthing the podcast and sharing about fallibility as an asset. 

    Celebrating humanity’s innate divinity and fallible potential, The Wylder Talks offers conversation with artists, activists, healers, teachers, and plant people.

    Tune in to share, explore, and synthesize our unique stories and universal wisdom into medicine for this moment.  

    In truth, courage, joy, and levity The Wylder Talks is our living prayer to believe, weave, and be our Ancient Future.

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