Episode 6: We’re All Part of the Same Motherf*cker

Sanyu Estelle is a Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior and Writer who is WINNING. Tune into her Instagram @sayuestelle and her Patreon and you’ll be winning too.

A claircognizant  Word Witch,  Sanyu weaves new worlds in ‘real’ time with the silks of language and presence. She’s a brilliant teacher preacher and a word nerd after my own heart.

I highly recommend her for your next tarot / oracle reading (patrons check out the coupon code she’s offered). Sanyu recently offered an ancestral investigation workbook especially for folks with European ancestors which I’ve just begun working with. Sanyu’s patreon supporters receive a monthly card reading at the $5/month In the Thick of It level and her June reading was lit. Check it out!

Enjoy the show!

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