feel what you feel when you feel it

children teach us how to feel in real time. frustrated, pained, lonely, hungry, angry, frightened, they express fully, for as long as they need, until they’re done. unless, one of us big folks teaches them to do something else (which we all do).

imagine if we could continue the child like genius of integrating life in ‘real’ time, which is – beyond time, and not even pick up the heavy suitcase of held emotion and difficult experience most of us carry for decades and lifetimes. imagine not passing along entrenched fear response to the descendants. can you see all the spaciousness humanity would have to explore? wow!

this is a complex topic, and I am no expert, but I have developed several simple techniques using Breath to attempt this. when I can, I focus on feeling what I feel as I feel it, beyond all blame, cultivating my true state of relaxed curiosity for life. rear ended, a nasty comment on the inter webs, yelling at these angels, my rage at the machine, surfacing memories of old harms, doing taxes, having a difficult conversation, etc – these are all perfect moments to invite and allow breath to work through me as me. those feeling and sensations are valuable teachers. they will not kill us, but they will eat us alive if untended.

43 minute breath alchemy to tend feelings in real time is HERE for you. pay what you can and include your email and ‘alchemize in real time’ in the note.