The Gift of No-ing Meditations

Center of My Heart Meditation

Clarify + amplify your Heart’s desire. Practice connecting with her regularly and you’ll be able to instantly access her answers.

Cellular Expansion Meditation

Our cells exist in expansion or contraction, love or fear. This state is determined by our BELIEF. Take this journey when your Heart’s NO feels uncomfortable or edgy and let your cells unfurl in the light of your inherent belief in Unconditional Love. Up level your nervous system to support your big YES and NO. This journey is inspired by the work of cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton.


The Gift of No-ing

Please move through the sections in the following order.

  1. WHY:  WHY saying no is such a powerful tool for creating new paradigms of unconditional love
  2. WHEN: Access your inner knowing of WHEN to say No for the Highest Good of all that is (and especially for YOU!)
  3. HOW: Master practical ways HOW to say No gracefully
  4. MEDITATIONS: Use as needed anytime for clarity and extra loving support


 Help me make the Gift of No-ing even more potent! I’m always grateful for feedback from your Heart! There’s a section below to ask me any questions and you can also find me on Instagram @fayewylder or email me here

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