Mary Magdalene




  • Just like Magdalene, you are a human being, a legacy, AND an energetic frequency. This frequency is your very essence, existing deep within your body, and completely without (outside of) your human form. It is the waft of light preceding your words, the residual gold dust of love that remains when you leave a room. How does your frequency feel? What words describe it? Which colors emanate from it? What’s its weather like? Where is it going? After all the myth is dissolved, by the power of your BREATH, and you turn to your reflection, Who do you see?


  • Magdalene emphasized attuning to your interests. So, what interests you? Take a moment to free write about your fascinations, noting any places in your body that feel judgements about your interests, and using your breath to soothe and dissolve them. How can you share your interests in your daily life? For instance, instead of engaging in the mind-numbing small talk many of us habitually use to stay and keep each other small, how can you BRING UP what thrills you about life, in authentic, potentially vulnerable ways? (In my case, this means that I initiate conversations with friends, family, and strangers about the energetic light body, Mary Magdalene, sovereignty, plant angles, and breastfeeding as a revolutionary act.) Notice, in real time, how your body feels as you authentically engaging with life, for your own delight, AND as an invitation to all you meet to do the same.


  • In those difficult, daily moments, use the technology Magdalene shared today to dissolve, in real time, dusty stories that keep you from learning from love. Remember, it’s your BREATH that does all of the work. Exhale to let go of the story BEFORE you know your next move, and ENJOY (use your breath) surrendering to the womb/tomb.


  • Take a moment and envision a future ceremony, a circle of Lightcasters, gathered to celebrate their Divinity and empower humanity’s sovereignty (Hey look! They’re just like us!). Now, hear them invoking your name, your legacy, your energy, inviting you into their circle as we do with Magdalene. Now, watch the circle as you begin to walk toward it, the emanation of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness that you are. How does it feel? Are you nervous? What are you wearing? What color are your wings? Your body halo? What do you whisper in their ears? What do they whisper in yours? How does it feel to be conscious of your own living legacy of love? How does it feel to serve? Now, take some time to write about how you can embody this vision in your daily life. Perhaps you’ll discover ways to express the fullness of your radiance through your dress, your posture, your agreements, your offerings, your ceremonies!


  • Check your language. What paradigms are you spelling with your voice that must go? What phrase can you invent to accurately depict the world you desire instead? For instance Kill two birds with one stone, could be I’m taking quantum leaps toward my desires in one, swift move. History repeats itself, becomes, I love how creating each moment anew with my breath, celebrating my heritage by loving this moment and then this one. How about, That’s too expensive. I can’t afford it, becomes I am so excited to watch the Universe fulfill all of my desires as She is an emanation of Me, and I of Her and We work together every day to open our consciousness to the infinite flow of abundance always waving towards us. Fabulous. Have fun. Remember your power. Use your power. Make it how you like it. It’s ok if you’re the first one to say it.






Shame  roots in the Greek for disgrace, or, not-God. Since everything IS God and God IS everything, disgrace (another word for sin), isn’t actually possible, is only an illusion, inviting us to stand up, for and as, our fully embodied graceful, Higher Selves, in total acceptance and presence of the Powerful Light of Divinity That We Are.


  • During this ascension portal of 7/7-8/21, pay attention to daily moments of hardness, defense, apathy, and disconnect in your physical, emotional, energetic fields, projecting as judgement, criticism (of self or others), feelings of lack, or rhetoric you no longer wish to propagate (I’m so tired. I’m too poor. He’s an asshole. This is a guilty pleasure, etc.) Breathe. Pause. Breathe. Where do you feel disconnected or ashamed? Say a prayer. Breathe. Be with that place. Offer her a hug. Witness what shifts. Repeat as many times as necessary. Powerful as we are, we are still in training, and lifetimes of encoded messages of separation and unworthiness may take some ‘time’ to release. And that, BeLoved, is nothing to be ashamed of. 🙂


  • Take some time to write about what shame means to you and how it has helped you make choices in the past. How would you prefer to make choices for your highest and best good going forward?


  • What parts of yourself are you keeping secret because you’ve assigned judgements of not good, unholy, something to be ashamed of to? How can you invite those parts of yourself into the light, sharing them with your conception of God, Magdalene, Mother Mary, another human being, our sacred group, or another place that feels safe? Remember, letting go of shame DOES NOT mean you must tell your secrets and share your vulnerable places with the entire internet or strangers. Discernment is a key to being a disciple of your own heart. Discernment is NOT defense. If you’re not sure, don’t share it. Ask for Spirit’s guidance and be patient. Your willingness will take you a great distance and your Beloved friends and mentors will appear at the perfect time.


  • What reputation have you created for yourself and this lifetime through your own repetition? Any changes you’d like to make?


The light of the body is the eye (I)

If therefore thine eye (I) be single, thy whole body shall be full of light

Matthew 6:22

  • Your light is your body. Your body is your light. Your body is lightening. This is happening from within, as Jesus’ ascension vehicle developed from the all seeing eye/I of the universe of his cells, and radiated as the Merkaba ascension vehicle.


  • After taking a few deep breaths, do some free writing about inflammation as defense in your life. We cannot defend and create at the same time. What is inflamed? What is causing the inflammation? What is needed to relax these defended cells? Is it something that needs to be added or taken away? A new food? No more of…? A habit change? Deep rest? Twice as much water each day? Any shame that comes along with these realizations… ‘Oh no! I must change this eating habit to be good/God!’ Breathe with those. You know the drill.


  • Every time it crosses your awareness, bring your attention and breath to your pineal gland, opening the channel between it, your heart, and your womb. Allow this entire system to saturate in the light of your breath. Experiment with the power of your awareness, breath, and love, as all you need to de-calcify, synchronize, and unify your channels, soften your cells, and radiate into the space around you as your auric field light body, a beacon of sovereignty to all with eyes to see.


  • As you inhabit your light body more and more, notice how your surroundings respond. Practice holding your light frequency in a relaxed, risen state, no matter what is happening around you. Giggle when you foible. Try again when you feel like it.


  • If you’re called, invite Goddess Lilith into your awareness to mentor you in researching the unloved places within and how to simply be with them with total reverence and respect, giving them the dignity to accelerate on their own terms.


  • Inviting TORTOISE + REDWOOD TREE medicine into your awareness, practice going slow and steady in order to accelerate, ascend, bend time, and be a STAND UP (or belly crawling) LEADER and PRESENCE in this age of miracles…to be the portal during this portal.