Faye creates a space for deep introspection and healing. I cannot recommend her enough.      Zac Swartout, Leadership Coach,

Time with Faye provides a gateway back to the self. It’s like a shower for the soul and I’m left feeling lighter and clearer, wondering what it was that made me feel stuck in the first place. Faye’s non-judgmental, compassionate way makes it safe to journey into a state of release. Terena M.

My work with Faye was truly inspiring. Not only did I learn a lot about my body, uncovering energy levels I hadn’t felt in years, the spiritual side of our work was a great surprise. Through Faye’s guidance I realized that I wanted to change the direction of my professional life, and I left a career I had been practicing for 40 years, and have since gone back to school. It feels great! Hannah R.

Faye is a wonderful teacher and coach… with her guidance, I learned how to really listen to my body’s needs. I walked away feeling empowered, knowing I had the tools I needed to take better care of myself. Sarah B.

Faye has beautiful energy and I always feel refreshed after being with her. I feel great and I move through the world a little more gently. Sterling J.

…Eliminating some things made room for new things in my life. In all respects, I feel better! Faye’s commitment and enthusiasm to making a space for change eased my transition and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again! Jesse C.