The Lightcaster Call


Do you feel called to cast your big, beautiful light into the world?

Are you unsure of how to start?

Is your vision muddled by fear, doubt and pain?

I can relate. For a long time I was being tugged, nudged, and finally shoved, in the direction of my creative healing practice. What started as irritation and confusion about my career path evolved into a deep dissatisfaction with my life and relationships.

But hey, that’s life. Right?

Well, no. Pain, discomfort – even a little ants-in-your-pants are the whispers from the heart that we’re off from our Divine alignment. And if you’re like I am, those whispers ignored grow into giant screaming painful fighting matches – me v. the Universe.

It doesn’t have to be so tough. Attuned to our intuitive messages and faithful to our hearts, we can move at the first inkling of discomfort, avoiding (most of the) drama and amplifying our creative power in the world.

To feel safe and confident enough to keep eagle eye focused on my lightcaster call, I’ve enlisted A LOT of support from the light workers who’ve gone ahead of me and have reached their hands back to help. And now, it’s my turn to do the same for you.

That’s why I created The Lightcaster Call.

You see, we are ALL here to do incredible, powerful, sweet, revolutionary things within the construct of life. We are here to make. We are here to CREATE.

When we shake off the shoulds of out-dated programming and become active listeners of our hearts’ desire, the sweeter life is.

When we chart our course along templates of joy and freedom, we are of the highest service to everyone around us.

I believe this with every cell of my multi-dimensional being.

If you’re feeling the ache of is this all there is? in any part of your life – career, love, parenthood, family, money, wellbeing – if you’re longing to DO, BE, CREATE a life that feels meaningful, satisfying and limitless and need a little help to get started…

The Lightcaster Call is just for you!

We’ll gather in your virtual temple (aka the telephone) and, with me as your guide and witness, YOU will declare, absolutely, why and what it is you are here to do, how you should do it and the precise next steps you need to take to make your Divine It happen.

Healing breath work dissolves doubt and fear instantly connecting you to your heart.

Provocative inquiry and deep listening encourage your deepest desires – your why – to become crystal clear.

Encouragement and imaginative mentorship reveal strategic, heart-driven actions to (wo)manifest your light.

You’ll emerge from our call clear on your calling and fueled by faith to cast your light. Now.

Buy one session as a spot-check, or purchase a package to launch and ride the momentum of your creative heart.

The Lightcaster Call