5 Part Video Course to Inspire + Empower Your Heart’s No

Do you say yes to invitations, clients, and dates even when your Heart is a No?

Do you feel obligated, overwhelmed, and resentful from agreeing to things you don’t want to do?

Does honoring your Heart’s No feel selfish? Wrong? Scary? Not allowed?

Is your Heart’s Enterprise stunted by fear of what others may be thinking?

Is so much of your energy spent doing what you think is expected of you that you’re too tired to do what you really long to do?

Are you unsure of how to gracefully decline invitations that aren’t an absolute HELL YES?

Are you so tangled in other peoples’ reactions that you say ‘yes’ to avoid your own discomfort?

Do you feel personally rejected or hurt when others say no to you?

CUT IT OUT! You are a Lightcaster whose HUGE mission to serve cannot be held up by other people’s priorities or expectations. SAY YES to YOUR HEART, no to (most) everything else, and soothe collective energetic patterns of dependency and obligation, which, spoiler alert, NO ONE likes or thrives in.

Give Yourself the Gift of No-ing with Essential Oils


To Realize One’s Destiny is a Person’s Only Obligation.

Paulo Cohelo, The Alchemist

Honoring your time, energetic limitations, and desires can NEVER harm another person. Abiding by your Heart is the most loving thing to do in any moment.

Does this truth feel a little edgy?

You’re not alone. For many, saying no feels totally uncomfortable, even wrong or selfish.

The Gift of No-ing is a portal to a new paradigm, free from obligation and the co-dependency of ignoring your own heart to try and keep others comfortable.

This five part video course inspires and empowers you to say no in order to live in your HEART’S YES, commit to your Lightcast, inspiring everyone around you to do the same. This is a gift for your life AND for our collective good. When your cells feel heard and loved, they reverberate expansive joy to all beings, creating a cascade love effect  AND preventing resentment toward others for doing as they please.

Self-care is your divine calling and your highest service. Sometimes, taking care means saying ‘No. Thank You.’



As more and more Lightcasters emerge clear and committed to their Heart’s No, the safer everyone will feel to live a life free from obligation, guided by their Heart, dedicated to their particular mission of Love.

If you need help knowing why, when and how to say no, if you are ready to command your time and energy to master what you Love and quit vibing others for being true to themselves…

Give Yourself the Gift of No-ing with Essential Oils

Integrate and clarify your energy to Lightcast clearly, efficiently and beautifully to serve the MOST people! 

The Gift of No-ing Includes

5 video sermons with over 50 minutes of inspiration and empowerments to:

  • Clarify WHY saying no is such a powerful tool for creating new paradigms of unconditional love
  • Integrate the truth that your Heart’s No is what’s best for everyone EVEN when other people are disappointed by it
  • Access your inner knowing of WHEN to say No for the Highest Good of all
  • (Wo)manifest the option you really want when everything feels like a No
  • Navigate shifts in your mood, energy and heart
  • Avoid the pitfalls of self-centeredness and learn when a No is really a Yes!
  • Amplify your Heart’s desire
  • Create clear, loving invitations and CELEBRATE when you’re turned down
  • Master practical ways HOW to say No gracefully


2 BONUS Meditations for clarity and healing:

  • Center of Your Heart Meditation My go-to teaching for accessing your Heart’s Desire in any moment, instantly knowing if it’s a yes or a no
  • Cellular Expansion Meditation Foundational breathwork to up-level your nervous system, support your Heart’s No, self-soothe and hold steady in love when you are uncomfortable or afraid

Once you make your purchase, you’ll have lifetime access toThe Gift of No-ing.

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Say No, Thank You in order to say Hell Yes!

Give Yourself the Gift of No-ing with Essential Oils