Multi-Dimensional Mentorship for EnterpRising Leaders

Bridge the gap between what your Enterprise longs to share and what your cells fear to say 

MAGDALENE MENTORSHIP is a three-month, customized, sacred container of private mentorship for enterprising leaders, and sacred activists.

Stream Magdalene’s message, mystery, and Unconditional Love into your (W)holy Work. Awaken your Divine Sovereignty. Remember the Source within that always guides you to LOVE and ABUNDANCE in life, and Enterprise.

Faye is certainly one of the wisest people I know. What I like most about her wisdom is that it shows me on the outside what I am like on the inside. Her freedom invites me into that same freedom.

Flowing Firm Transparent Wise Embodiment of Christ Natural beauty Appreciation of nature Flow in the Spirit.

Thank you.

Veronica Montgomery || Wild Sage || @woman_most_loved

 Embodied Integration  

Cellular Expansion 

Multi-Dimensional Connection 

Practical, Aligned Business Strategy


Clarify + Amplify Your Light

Broaden Your Reach

Increase Your Spiritual + Material Affluence

Whether your Enterprise was just born or has been around the block a few times, MAGDALENE MENTORSHIP deepens your resonance with the Soul of your work, and supports you to continuously find your edges and courageously LAUNCH off of them, serving more effectively and broadly, opening you to radiant affluence.

I want to say thank you. You are such a magnificent, clear channel for Mary Magdalene. I was vibrating at such a high level the second you called her in…I see where I am going. 

Lorie Ladd || Intuitive Channel + Spiritual Guide ||


  • You are a beginning or seasoned entrepreneur, unable to imagine your life without the beautiful soul of your Enterprise
  • You are committed to continuous expansion in your Heart and business
  • You are a Rising Feminine Leader in humanity’s awakening to Embodied Sovereignty 
  • You are drawn to Mary Magdalene, her story, her Love, her mystery -whether you understand it or not
  • You are SO called to birth and nourish your business and her offerings that you feel sick when you ignore her
  • You are a Lightcaster, here to inspire and change the world with your particular frequencies of Light
  • You are willing (if not a little scared) to Broadcast the messages of your BeLoved Heart
  • You feel overwhelmed by streams of ideas and long for clarity, focus, and support
  • You’ve already invested in business and healing mentorship but haven’t figured how to integrate what you’ve learned into your life and Enterprise
  • You don’t always trust your Heart when it comes to business, and end up mimicking what other ‘successful’ entrepreneurs appear to be doing
  • You’re unsure how to integrate your spiritual connections into your Enterprise and feel afraid to share your true gifts with your clients
  • You experience dissonance, doubt, and residual funkiness after working with your clients, or launching an offering
  • Your business feels just or totally out of alignment with what you REALLY want to be doing
  • You’re still holding back, editing, or curtailing your message and offerings for fear of being too much, too weird, too woo, too….
  • You have Light to share but no idea how to begin crafting your offerings
  • You need practical support with social media, web design, copywriting, networking, and launch strategy
  • You WANT to abide by your Heart, in all aspects of your life, but lack tools and resources to launch when she calls you to your edge 

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Lightcaster, you already know that Spiritual Entrepreneurship is not EASY. She continuously calls you to Rise up, to Expand out, to Let Go, to Launch, and to Lightcast, saying things you’ve never heard before. Risky. Scary. Rebirth, again and again and again. This is what the leading edge feels like. You know it. Having solid goals, business strategy, and marketing technique is important, but it is NOT ENOUGH. Launching yourself and your Enterprise into the next dimension of service and success requires huge cellular expansion capacity, and the BELIEF that you are safe, cared for and RIGHT ON as you lift off.

MAGDALENE MENTORSHIP integrates the HUMANITY of business strategy with the DIVINITY of healing, expansion, and Unconditional LOVE, encouraging you to LAUNCH, again and again, higher and higher, reaching more and more clients with your ever-evolving LIGHTCAST and infinite expansion capacity.

You have a HUGE Lightcast! There are MILLIONS of people waiting for YOU to lift your veil, raise your eyes, part your lips and SPEAK it. Only YOU can serve the ones you are meant to serve in this lifetime.


  • Six 75-minute private, Spiritual Strategy Sessions, including breath-based journey work, cellular expansion embodiment practices, channeled guidance, and strategic coaching
  • Additional support via text, email, and social media
  • One 30-minute follow up call within 60 days of completion to check in and freshen up
  • Lifetime access to the online portals The Gift of No-ing and The Magdalene Journeys
  • Deep insight into Magdalene’s life story and message as it relates to your modern Enterprise
  • All of the tools I use to Lightcast, from my heart, in balance and resonance with my energy, life, and family
  • My channeled stream of Magdalene love, mystery, and humor
  • My regular eye on your social media platforms


  • Inspiration and aligned guidance to craft and hone your Enterprise, energetic branding, copy, and offerings
  • Clarity on your desires, beliefs, and talents to essentialize your time and entrepreneurial efforts
  • Clearing and (wo)manifestation tools to BELIEVE in your worth and open to affluence in every part of your life
  • Healing empowerments to up-level your nervous system and CONTINUOUSLY ascend to greater heights in your life and business
  • My intuitive guidance, enthusiastic support, entrepreneurial experience, and honest, loving feedback
  • Guidance and tools to connect with Magdalene, all of your Spiritual Guides and allies, and invite them into your Enterprise
  • Holistic lifestyle healing encouragement
  • A special introduction to the #Lightcaster community on Instagram and its beautiful network of EnterpRising Sistars

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The heart of Magdalene’s message is Embodied Love. Enterprise know-how means nothing without the embodied integration of your Sovereign Spirit guiding, encouraging, and loving you. 

Faye will walk with you to some difficult places and wisely remind you that you already have everything you need to figure things out.
She’ll charge you up so you feel magnetic to everything you want to be. She’ll always make you laugh.
I’ve learned, in a really short period of time, that my intuition is always right…and that my intention to love always gives back tenfold. I understand an easier way to live. I worry less about the future, if I’m doing things right, about being the best. I have the ability to let go of things that I once thought I needed, but that no longer serve me.
Faye has brought so much light and ease and pure joy to my life. This is a chance to do something life-changing for yourself, your family, and for the next generations. Her work is really that impactful.
Heather Bristow || Holistic Landscape Designer


You, me, Mary Magdalene,


The Soul of your Enterprise,

together in

A sacred, specialized 3-month ceremonial container


(W)holy healing, energy clarification, practical strategy, + Unconditiaonal Love


Radiant alignment, action, and affluence in your life + Enterprise

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