a monthly subscription space of

encouragement, empowerment, multi-dimensional mentorship, and fellowship 

for enterpRising, oracular Lightcasters

creating The Way during this 

Golden Age

LIGHTCASTER CLUB subscription includes

TWO virtual meetings each month, weaving the transformative power of Breath Alchemy, Mary Magdalene’s majesty, and Faye’s unique ministry.

Channeled transmissions, prayer, and breath work get you THERE…integrated transformation and renewal, with a clear connection to your Divinity, supported by simple, actionable cues to live your Legacy of Love in your business, self-care, and daily ministry

Access to our online Facebook forum to share, heal, and love in safe, beautiful ways

First dibs on private mentorship and 1:1 sessions with Faye


Every other Monday 9:30-10:30a PST 

All meetings will be recorded and shared

You do not need to attend live to receive every blessing


THE LIGHTCASTER...Christed is her norm. Human is her charm.

LIGHTCASTER CLUB topics may include

Jesus isn’t Christ but We Are

Money, sex magick, and your enterprise

Be the Goddess: show off, but don’t overstay your welcome

The heart womb + pop culture

Business strategy…Prayer + Prowess = Potent Probability

Avoiding the circle jerk as you walk The Beauty Way

How EXACTLY to feel your feelings so they don’t eat you alive or run your life

I am a channel for Divinity, or at least, I think I am

I’m a creative leader, but I’m too busy thinking about what you think about me to think about anything new

Accepting responsibility for every part of my experience…is harder than it sounds

Asking + receiving

Who cares if Magdalene was a whore?

The guide is always/all ways inside


You are meant to be famous

Iterate, baby, iterate one can do it for us and we don't do it alone


LIGHTCASTER CLUB is for you if you

Feel called to or curious about Mary Magdalene, whether or not you understand why

Are exploring or honing your gifts as a channel for the Divine

Need support to rise in your mission of sacred activism

Say yes to embodying your FULL RADIANCE through daily, human life

Desire a fun, safe, inviting circle to celebrate and share your Divinity in

Feel your enterprise is an extension of your heart, a vehicle for awakening for you and all you serve

Believe in empowerment as a vehicle for spiritual transformation

Are committed to continuous cellular expansion

Are still holding back, editing, or curtailing your message and offerings for fear of being too much, too weird, too loving, too woo, too…



The who she says she is





My name is Faye Wylder.

I AM a Lightcaster, a Pray-er and a preacher.

I AM a Magdalene, offering integrated inspiration, empowering ministry, and Breath Alchemy for enterpRising leaders.

I write, dance, and sing.

An Earth Angel, I empower humanity’s sovereignty, and creative potential with my love and wavering example. I’ve been around many blocks many times, and am perfectly human.

I believe my breath is God praying through me. I believe we are all God with skin on, here to joyously co-create new worlds of Light and Love with grace and ease through our business, family, and daily practice of radical self-love.

It’s my greatest pleasure and honor to share my gifts with you.