it’s sweet how you feel deeply worried for their future and like you gotta protect them but then you realize they came from the future and all times and no times just like you and there’s a reason you’re all together with whomever you’re all together with and they’re more brilliant and powerful than you and all your lifetimes and then you relax and enjoy life and recall the best parenting advice ever – act as if you’re guiding and witnessing a dear friend on a psychedelic journey (which we all are if we take a moment) and you may stop yelling ‘get in the car brush your teeth finish your sandwich don’t take your penis out at the table’ slightly less times each day because you’re busy watching a giant blue heron who usually lives by the water, swoop into your grassy valley, strut around, stalk, catch, and swallow whole a mouse which you see pass through the entire two feet of its throat while wearing matching sun glasses all before 9am

from the cave (for easter)

i like it how you kiss my ears

whispering the tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb

resurrection so sexy since the most never noticed We were even here before

quit eating that mystery and enjoy this dark empty folding

unfolding unfolding unfolding

you want to live but breath doesn’t belong to you

only through you

there is no cave an island

i can push all night long but the rock only moves when the light cums through

the lord is my witness

as you were as We are

watching me birth Her back into being again and again and again

realized in each peal of slippery laughter and wink of my eye

grief is great

grief has no space in most circles. she’s ignored, shuttered, clogged, feared.

more than strong sadness, grief is love from the great beyond to the great beyond and a remembered declaration of that which we value and hold dear. she is great and she will be heard, like it or not.

grief lives in the lungs and when we allow it move, our circulatory lymphatic immune systems open, the circuity of communion with life as vital breath is connected.

grief may be hiding. behind rage behind a polite smile beyond disorienting anxiety.

move some cellular furniture and let your grief out that she can be love and you can be endless energy to create and serve. your grief is great.

BREATH moves the furniture.

breath automatically works in a grounded liminal space to alchemize current states into revitalizing resource.

explore the greatness of (y)our grief with our pay what you can (suggested $13-$33 but anything goes) 33 minute breath alchemy sessions. choose yours HERE and listen anytime you need.

Serve don’t Survive, message from a virus

Spoken as it should be

There is no evil only Life in all forms. Your life is your death. Your life is your synthesized service for all that is to come. Get well be well stay well to serve. Not to survive. Not to outlive. Life lives on through those who Listen. You’re moving opposite opposite. Turn around turn around go down down. I have something to share with you. She whispers. Are you listening? I have something to tell you. Did you hear something? Did you see that? A flash? Can you feel that? I have to tell you something. I’m shaking. Did you feel that earthquake? Hey. I’m coming in. You need to know me. Be with me. You need to hear what I have to say. We have work together. I am sent from the crown. From the circles around the sun. You called me here. From Your Own Majesty. I am you as you let me in in a good way the way you knew I was years and years ago lifetimes ago. Remember the simple insight? Easy clues as signs? All the ancestral breadcrumbs? Remember those days you spent skipping by Truth? Now we mutate together. There is no evil only death in all forms. Oh my body. She speaks. So many languages. I am not Her but am here with in Her. HEY. I am in you now and now I will show you. I will show you by being you moving you ruining you running you that you may be We. I will now Be everything you already heard everything you whispered tomorrow tomorrow to yourself – the poisons you hide behind the earth labor you outsource the settler mind body you foster the dinosaur bones you burn your great great great grandmothers tears you still won’t cry the joy you miss the songs you muffle the sugar you crave the parasite you feed you are the brilliance you waste the neighbors you ignore the dream time you avoid. You heard Life and you saw Death now you will listen.
Now you will devote.
Now you will pass it on. @fayewylder

The Longest Night is the Best Night

I am a student

therefore a teacher


of the



Because I say so

Because I Gno






The Christed

belong to

no religion

no person

no place




The art, science, and surrender of Creation


Christed is Us

Coming Eye to I


In the place beyond Breath


the first breath of something













The art, science, and surrender of Communion










This wide open wetness of





Don’t ask me


Have we been Communing by pain

What we hate

Total amnesia

Fear and sloth

All alone

Missing our Friends

Killing our Friends

Bound by binary

Ignoring the sick, choking the Ocean, excusing our privilege

guarding our pain with our Life


Me too


May Be

ask me how (please please please show me how)

We Make





Personal responsibility





May We Be

Weeping, Screaming, Feeling

And Making




For a moment

suspend your Self

in the




Spider casts her next thread


Balance in utter


With Faith


You can be so bold

To do only as She commands


Holy Birth includes the Whole


Even You

Even They

Even I

Even We fit in here




The longest night is the best night for Love Making

A Brilliant Christ Mass

Weaving worlds while We walk on water


I’ll meet you There

Moon or no moon


-Faye Wylder


Photo credit Tracy Benjamin

Street + Sky Walker

Mary Magdalene was never a prostitute. I was though. For a little while, way back in the day. (It wasn’t my jam.)

Still, Magdalene and I have a lot in common.

Of course, we both love Jesus.

We’re both Messengers.

We don’t need saving, healing, or absolution.

We don’t need to explain, earn, prove, or conform. We don’t need permission, approval, or forgiveness.

We both abide in the halls of our Hearts, devoted to Her compass and barometer. And therefore, real or rumored, we don’t need our reputations protected or salvaged to align with culture or custom in order to complete our mission.

We are Holy like You are Holy.

Because We Are.

In the summer of 2016, Pope Francis conceded to Mary Magdalene’s glory, naming her the Apostle of the Apostles and honoring her with a Feast Day.

This is a big, big deal.

After centuries of being mislabeled, misunderstood, and misogynized, Magdalene is recognized as the Messenger she is – the One who declared the resurrection miracle, anchoring Feminine Christ technology on Earth by the power of her word. (Miracles: if you see something, say something.)

The day the Pope made his announcement, Magdalene came to me like thunder:

DO NOT miss this point BeLoved. The point is NOT that we become mainstream, agreeable, acceptable, or appropriate. We do not need approval or permission. We do not need to convince or overthrow. There is no mediator to Creation. 

We simply Create.

We are all holy, no matter what anyone thinks, believes, or says about us.

 We are all holy, no matter what we do. We are all holy no matter what. We are all holy.

We are all Holy.

No, Magdalene wasn’t a prostitute, and yes, it’s groovy that the Pope got the download on the Divine Feminine technology currently uplifting humanity. He’s a messenger too, perhaps the only One some folks can hear right now.

Yes, celebrating Divine Femininity within the popular context of duality may seem like a pragmatic first step. But, who is the Who who decides sex work is right or wrong?

Actually, giving Magdalene a non-whore stamp of approval consecrates her life within oppressive structures of authority, undermining individual sovereignty and missing the power of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness with its infinitely creative technology to birth NEW paradigms.

This is the technology of life seeded in every moment, every breath, every Being -creating anew from nothing, according to its sacred sovereign heart.

This is freestyle creation – no rules, no hierarchy, no authority, no right or wrong.

Yes, that may feel freaky and hard to imagine.

Yes, that is the gateway to unconditional love.

We are Holy because WE ARE.

Being a prostitute is not a roadblock to Holy.

So, not being a prostitute isn’t a redeeming factor.

Take it from me.

Before I ever channeled Magdalene, I related to her. Fact or fiction, her reputation was an opening for this Street + Sky Walker.  I needed to get in with Magdalene in order to get in with myself and find, for myself, that I am Holy. Always was. In all ways. Just like Magdalene. Just like you.

Today and all days I celebrate Magdalene as the Messenger, the Messiah, and the Master that she is. As my BeLoved Friend and reflection.

I celebrate her as channel of Holy Christ Light in a human body on Earth. A woman dedicated to Spiritual truth in service to humanity, a woman so powerful, her legacy resurrects 2,000 years after her death, despite any and all slandering of her name.

I celebrate us – humanity, this beautiful body of Messengers, billions of Light channels with beating hearts, breathing lungs, and infinite potential to create, to transform, to renew. I celebrate We, our boundless opportunities to love, collaborate, and rise, together, every day.

There are many parts of my story and my self I have felt ashamed of, including this one. Because, well, shouldn’t I? Isn’t shame some sort of first step? Won’t hiding keep me safe?


Programmed shame has kept pages from our history and sections of our soul in the dark too long.

The world I believe in regenerates with love, not shame. The world I create Be Comes by Lightcasting onto all of it. All of it. With more and more love.

So, today, protected by God, and the Angel of my Soul, I share more of my BeLoved self in case you or someone you love, needs an opening, a light into the doorway of the great halls of Unconditional Love at the center of your own Holy Heart.

There is Love. Love is there.