Episode 7: Mother Lover – In Devotion to Earth

Michelle Baumbier is a researcher, Earth-based educator and devotee of the Great Mother. Her greatest calling is two-fold: to tend to the Earth as a form of devotion and to guide others to remember their innate connection to their natural surroundings. 

I met Michi on the interwebs, and as so many of my friendships, ours blossomed through a shared curiosity and devotion to Magdalene. Michi gives me hope, levity, and courage in dark times and I wish camaraderie like ours for all beings on the planet. 

She makes me laugh and listening to her teach and share and reading her writings brings back all faith in humanity. I invite you to tune in and receive her brilliant light. 

My biggest take away from today’s show was the power of offering my awareness to life. As a gift and a practice of devotion. Simple medicine for the bitter and sweet moments.


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Episode 6: We’re All Part of the Same Motherf*cker

Sanyu Estelle is a Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior and Writer who is WINNING. Tune into her Instagram @sayuestelle and her Patreon and you’ll be winning too.

A claircognizant  Word Witch,  Sanyu weaves new worlds in ‘real’ time with the silks of language and presence. She’s a brilliant teacher preacher and a word nerd after my own heart.

I highly recommend her for your next tarot / oracle reading (patrons check out the coupon code she’s offered). Sanyu recently offered an ancestral investigation workbook especially for folks with European ancestors which I’ve just begun working with. Sanyu’s patreon supporters receive a monthly card reading at the $5/month In the Thick of It level and her June reading was lit. Check it out!

Enjoy the show!

feel what you feel when you feel it

children teach us how to feel in real time. frustrated, pained, lonely, hungry, angry, frightened, they express fully, for as long as they need, until they’re done. unless, one of us big folks teaches them to do something else (which we all do).

imagine if we could continue the child like genius of integrating life in ‘real’ time, which is – beyond time, and not even pick up the heavy suitcase of held emotion and difficult experience most of us carry for decades and lifetimes. imagine not passing along entrenched fear response to the descendants. can you see all the spaciousness humanity would have to explore? wow!

this is a complex topic, and I am no expert, but I have developed several simple techniques using Breath to attempt this. when I can, I focus on feeling what I feel as I feel it, beyond all blame, cultivating my true state of relaxed curiosity for life. rear ended, a nasty comment on the inter webs, yelling at these angels, my rage at the machine, surfacing memories of old harms, doing taxes, having a difficult conversation, etc – these are all perfect moments to invite and allow breath to work through me as me. those feeling and sensations are valuable teachers. they will not kill us, but they will eat us alive if untended.

43 minute breath alchemy to tend feelings in real time is HERE for you. pay what you can and include your email and ‘alchemize in real time’ in the note.

can we relate?

the word relate is sister to words rapport, relationship, relative, stemming from 14c latin to bear, to bring. relating is relaying, a transmission of information, a message carried (if not delivered) – our blood, our bones, our faces, our wisdom, our voices, our emotional presence, our laugh – all the messiahs of our ancestors and theirs and theirs, expressions of God in stardust.

relation is not agreement (rooted in LIKING, CONSENTING, BEING PLEASED WITH). perspective begins with sensation and as we honor our cells, sensation shifts with presence, breath, and passage through space (time). my displeasure and disconsent (disagreement) with your perspective do not negate our relation which, along with the truth of our kinship as children and parents of a shared Source, builds a new synapse in the web of all and will undoubtedly flux in the alchemy of existence. _i relate by expressing my Cells and opening my awareness to you as you do or do not do the same. willingness and capacity (dependent on so many factors) to be present to relayed information while staying in the elegance of my discernment (boundary/immunity) of how that information inspires or insights my own field (always infused with the mystery that goes beyond word) develops my relationships which develop my Cells (me taking a picture of you taking a picture of me).

there is no such thing as misinformation nor another soul unrelatable to our own. there can be information that makes us so fucking uncomfortable that we dismiss, judge, ignore. messages that touch a nerve left open by body wisdom to be noticed and attended to, if only by righteousness but hopefully by grace. i may not relish relating to you, but we are relations no matter. the future is non binary (gender fluidity being one expression of this elemental) and invites us to exist in that meeting place of our rapports, and to breathe in and into the mystery of shared space, relating the unbearable, where the i and the you become we – the holy trinity.

It’s All Relative.


it’s sweet how you feel deeply worried for their future and like you gotta protect them but then you realize they came from the future and all times and no times just like you and there’s a reason you’re all together with whomever you’re all together with and they’re more brilliant and powerful than you and all your lifetimes and then you relax and enjoy life and recall the best parenting advice ever – act as if you’re guiding and witnessing a dear friend on a psychedelic journey (which we all are if we take a moment) and you may stop yelling ‘get in the car brush your teeth finish your sandwich don’t take your penis out at the table’ slightly less times each day because you’re busy watching a giant blue heron who usually lives by the water, swoop into your grassy valley, strut around, stalk, catch, and swallow whole a mouse which you see pass through the entire two feet of its throat while wearing matching sun glasses all before 9am

Episode 5: The Medicine of Being Human with Sena Maria

Sending you all love in this time.

Most days, I’ve been feeling really well thanks to daily breath alchemy (I offer pay as you can community virtual sessions most Fridays- add your email at fayewylder.com to get notified) and continuing to explore motherhood as holy service. Some other days, I’m ready to head home if you catch my drift (more on that in this special episode!)

I’m also receiving a lot of benefit cold showers, lymphatic self-massage, oils, as much time in open space as possible, and daily cacao and mushroom helpers, a combination which I’m well versed in thanks to my beautiful friend and today’s guest, Sena Maria. 

How are you tending yourself, yourcells, your community in these times? What songs does Earth sing you when you step outside? I’d love to know. 

On today’s episode, Sena talks about The Medicine of Being Human, the transformative and unifying power of plants, micro dosing, leaving it all behind, creating a world of sovereignty through daily action and earth connection, wanting to leave the planet, sharing our deepest pain as service, and my experience moving through many many months of depression working with plant medicine. 

BONUS: Sena and I are hosting a LIVE Webinar sharing the magic of micro dosing on May 1st. Register HERE

If you’ve been wanting to try Young Living essential oils, you can join our try before you buy class, Roll With Us for $10, which covers shipping and materials. I’ll mail you three mini rollers and we’ll learn about them and use them together in an online forum May 7-11. 

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For our patreon sponsors, Sena is gifting a 20 minute guided meditation with the Earth Grandmothers – it is like returning home AND her incredibly thorough and practically detailed Ascension Guide to Coffee Enemas.   Join us at www.patreon.com/fayewylder 

Show notes

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from the cave (for easter)

i like it how you kiss my ears

whispering the tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb

resurrection so sexy since the most never noticed We were even here before

quit eating that mystery and enjoy this dark empty folding

unfolding unfolding unfolding

you want to live but breath doesn’t belong to you

only through you

there is no cave an island

i can push all night long but the rock only moves when the light cums through

the lord is my witness

as you were as We are

watching me birth Her back into being again and again and again

realized in each peal of slippery laughter and wink of my eye

grief is great

grief has no space in most circles. she’s ignored, shuttered, clogged, feared.

more than strong sadness, grief is love from the great beyond to the great beyond and a remembered declaration of that which we value and hold dear. she is great and she will be heard, like it or not.

grief lives in the lungs and when we allow it move, our circulatory lymphatic immune systems open, the circuity of communion with life as vital breath is connected.

grief may be hiding. behind rage behind a polite smile beyond disorienting anxiety.

move some cellular furniture and let your grief out that she can be love and you can be endless energy to create and serve. your grief is great.

BREATH moves the furniture.

breath automatically works in a grounded liminal space to alchemize current states into revitalizing resource.

explore the greatness of (y)our grief with our pay what you can (suggested $13-$33 but anything goes) 33 minute breath alchemy sessions. choose yours HERE and listen anytime you need.

Episode 04: Ascension for Modern Times with Lorie Ladd

Lorie is the first soul I interviewed for The Wylder Talks and I’m so grateful she shared her time with us. Releasing this episode during shelter in place Corona Virus times feels somehow decadent (who has time to ascend right now!?) and absolutely CRUCIAL (seems like we might need to ascend ASAP, am I right?). 

Along with all of the immune boosting practices I encourage us all to focus on, leaning into the support of the multi-dimensional truth of life and all of the guides from all of the places is very necessary. This planet, and all of Her Life, is deeply loved and held. Along with all of the challenges of these past 14 days, I have felt the presence of multi-dimensional beings in a particularly strong way…look to the clouds is what I suggest. 

Tuning into these truths is our birthright and the love from ‘beyond’ offers us a web of support for our Earthly walk needed today more than ever. 

Tune in to hear about Lorie’s journey connecting with multi-dimensional sources and her path to sharing work that may seem a little out there to some but is of her highest service. 

Lorie has shared a beautiful 47 minute guided meditation with the Sirian star family for our Patreon friends! I took it early this week and it was so soothing and healing. Please enjoy and thank you for being here and tuning in. 

Lorie Ladd is an Ascension Guide and a Multi-Dimensional Channel. She re-connects you to your Guides and Family of Light, assists in the remembrance of who you are and why you are her and provides tools and guidance moving you into your multi-dimensionality. 

Lorie takes the complexity of ascension and grounds it into simple and easy digestible concepts.  She bridges the gap between you and your Family of Light, providing a deeper understanding of your path. 

Today, Lorie dedicates her life assisting humanity in this planetary awakening, Her greatest prayer is that you remember who you are, why you are here and all the Beings of Light that are supporting you. Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with you during this miraculous shift in consciousness. 


Lorie has gifted all of our patrons a beautiful 47 minute guided self-love meditation with the Sirian’s. Join us at www.patreon.com/fayewylder 

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Episode 03: Cervical Remembrance for Global Healing with Denell Barbara Nawrocki

This episode is dedicated to Faye’s paternal grandmother, Margaret Evans Gault who passed on March 16th, 2020 at 10:44 am and Denell’s grandmother Barbara Rose Naumann Corbett. Dedicated to them and all of the grandmothers gone and yet to be and all the cervixes this life was born from. 

Denell Barbara Nawrocki, MA is a guide, speaker, and teacher specializing in Women’s wellness and Earth-based health. She believes in the body’s ability to heal, and guides Women to connect to their body and find empowerment on self-healing path.

Since 2008, Denell has done extensive study in the fields of health, healing, personal transformation, indigenous wisdom, plant medicine and history. All of this culminates in her mission to lead people to be in loving relationship with their body and Earth’s body. She received her MA in Integrative Health Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and a BA in History from UC Davis

Utilizing all she studied, Denell self-healed 7 years of HPV and cervical dysplasia diagnoses and have retained a clear bill of health ever since. In 2016, Denell founded Cervical Wellness, an online-education platform guiding Women to self-heal their cervix, as well as reconnect to their female sacred-anatomy in new and empowering ways.

She offers online courses & events, in-person workshops & retreats, as well as sharing illuminating content in public talks, and on Instagram & Youtube.


Denell is offering a generous gift for our patrons at the $3.33 per month level, her incredible 52 page e-book, The Cervix – Deepen Your Relationship.  As a bonus gift from me, I have included access to a huge Google Drive of Anti-Inflammatory Protocols.  Join us at www.patreon.com/fayewylder 

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