from the cave (for easter)

i like it how you kiss my ears

whispering the tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb is the tomb is the womb

resurrection so sexy since the most never noticed We were even here before

quit eating that mystery and enjoy this dark empty folding

unfolding unfolding unfolding

you want to live but breath doesn’t belong to you

only through you

there is no cave an island

i can push all night long but the rock only moves when the light cums through

the lord is my witness

as you were as We are

watching me birth Her back into being again and again and again

realized in each peal of slippery laughter and wink of my eye

grief is great

grief has no space in most circles. she’s ignored, shuttered, clogged, feared.

more than strong sadness, grief is love from the great beyond to the great beyond and a remembered declaration of that which we value and hold dear. she is great and she will be heard, like it or not.

grief lives in the lungs and when we allow it move, our circulatory lymphatic immune systems open, the circuity of communion with life as vital breath is connected.

grief may be hiding. behind rage behind a polite smile beyond disorienting anxiety.

move some cellular furniture and let your grief out that she can be love and you can be endless energy to create and serve. your grief is great.

BREATH moves the furniture.

breath automatically works in a grounded liminal space to alchemize current states into revitalizing resource.

explore the greatness of (y)our grief with our pay what you can (suggested $13-$33 but anything goes) 33 minute breath alchemy sessions. choose yours HERE and listen anytime you need.

Episode 04: Ascension for Modern Times with Lorie Ladd

Lorie is the first soul I interviewed for The Wylder Talks and I’m so grateful she shared her time with us. Releasing this episode during shelter in place Corona Virus times feels somehow decadent (who has time to ascend right now!?) and absolutely CRUCIAL (seems like we might need to ascend ASAP, am I right?). 

Along with all of the immune boosting practices I encourage us all to focus on, leaning into the support of the multi-dimensional truth of life and all of the guides from all of the places is very necessary. This planet, and all of Her Life, is deeply loved and held. Along with all of the challenges of these past 14 days, I have felt the presence of multi-dimensional beings in a particularly strong way…look to the clouds is what I suggest. 

Tuning into these truths is our birthright and the love from ‘beyond’ offers us a web of support for our Earthly walk needed today more than ever. 

Tune in to hear about Lorie’s journey connecting with multi-dimensional sources and her path to sharing work that may seem a little out there to some but is of her highest service. 

Lorie has shared a beautiful 47 minute guided meditation with the Sirian star family for our Patreon friends! I took it early this week and it was so soothing and healing. Please enjoy and thank you for being here and tuning in. 

Lorie Ladd is an Ascension Guide and a Multi-Dimensional Channel. She re-connects you to your Guides and Family of Light, assists in the remembrance of who you are and why you are her and provides tools and guidance moving you into your multi-dimensionality. 

Lorie takes the complexity of ascension and grounds it into simple and easy digestible concepts.  She bridges the gap between you and your Family of Light, providing a deeper understanding of your path. 

Today, Lorie dedicates her life assisting humanity in this planetary awakening, Her greatest prayer is that you remember who you are, why you are here and all the Beings of Light that are supporting you. Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with you during this miraculous shift in consciousness. 


Lorie has gifted all of our patrons a beautiful 47 minute guided self-love meditation with the Sirian’s. Join us at 

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Episode 03: Cervical Remembrance for Global Healing with Denell Barbara Nawrocki

This episode is dedicated to Faye’s paternal grandmother, Margaret Evans Gault who passed on March 16th, 2020 at 10:44 am and Denell’s grandmother Barbara Rose Naumann Corbett. Dedicated to them and all of the grandmothers gone and yet to be and all the cervixes this life was born from. 

Denell Barbara Nawrocki, MA is a guide, speaker, and teacher specializing in Women’s wellness and Earth-based health. She believes in the body’s ability to heal, and guides Women to connect to their body and find empowerment on self-healing path.

Since 2008, Denell has done extensive study in the fields of health, healing, personal transformation, indigenous wisdom, plant medicine and history. All of this culminates in her mission to lead people to be in loving relationship with their body and Earth’s body. She received her MA in Integrative Health Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and a BA in History from UC Davis

Utilizing all she studied, Denell self-healed 7 years of HPV and cervical dysplasia diagnoses and have retained a clear bill of health ever since. In 2016, Denell founded Cervical Wellness, an online-education platform guiding Women to self-heal their cervix, as well as reconnect to their female sacred-anatomy in new and empowering ways.

She offers online courses & events, in-person workshops & retreats, as well as sharing illuminating content in public talks, and on Instagram & Youtube.


Denell is offering a generous gift for our patrons at the $3.33 per month level, her incredible 52 page e-book, The Cervix – Deepen Your Relationship.  As a bonus gift from me, I have included access to a huge Google Drive of Anti-Inflammatory Protocols.  Join us at 

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Thanks and love to producers Ash and Elliott.

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Serve don’t Survive, message from a virus

Spoken as it should be

There is no evil only Life in all forms. Your life is your death. Your life is your synthesized service for all that is to come. Get well be well stay well to serve. Not to survive. Not to outlive. Life lives on through those who Listen. You’re moving opposite opposite. Turn around turn around go down down. I have something to share with you. She whispers. Are you listening? I have something to tell you. Did you hear something? Did you see that? A flash? Can you feel that? I have to tell you something. I’m shaking. Did you feel that earthquake? Hey. I’m coming in. You need to know me. Be with me. You need to hear what I have to say. We have work together. I am sent from the crown. From the circles around the sun. You called me here. From Your Own Majesty. I am you as you let me in in a good way the way you knew I was years and years ago lifetimes ago. Remember the simple insight? Easy clues as signs? All the ancestral breadcrumbs? Remember those days you spent skipping by Truth? Now we mutate together. There is no evil only death in all forms. Oh my body. She speaks. So many languages. I am not Her but am here with in Her. HEY. I am in you now and now I will show you. I will show you by being you moving you ruining you running you that you may be We. I will now Be everything you already heard everything you whispered tomorrow tomorrow to yourself – the poisons you hide behind the earth labor you outsource the settler mind body you foster the dinosaur bones you burn your great great great grandmothers tears you still won’t cry the joy you miss the songs you muffle the sugar you crave the parasite you feed you are the brilliance you waste the neighbors you ignore the dream time you avoid. You heard Life and you saw Death now you will listen.
Now you will devote.
Now you will pass it on. @fayewylder

Episode 02: The Art of Anchoring on Earth – Touching in with Jane Mayer

Jane Mayer is a healer and artist who has studied with indigenous healers in the mountains of Peru, the Amazon, and the forests of Ireland, alongside various lineages of devoted teachers in the Western world.

For many years,  Spirit called to her from a well of deep emotional and physical pain that begged her to find a way to reconnect to her True Self.  Her own pathway to healing informs all the work she offers. She works with sound, plant, energy medicine and body-consciousness expansion, alongside her own gifts of sight, sound, feeling and knowing to guide her. She serves clients across many backgrounds, helping them transmute pain and darkness into embodied soul, and to remember who they really are.

She offers healing sessions, ceremony, poetry and music in the States, as well as retreats here and abroad. To learn more visit

In this episode we explore:

  • Plant medicine + recovery
  • The power of sound and Christ’s connection to speaking in tongues 
  • Following your path requires great risk 
  • Recalibrating the nervous system 
  • The stories we tell are the stories that are true

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Special offering for our THREE patrons ($3.33/month) from Jane – 50% discount on my bandcamp page for the LIGHT album and a complimentary healing session (60 minutes) for any patron who joins the upcoming Demystifying Healing, a LIVE 8-week online journey to the nexus of the spiritual + somatic, beginning March 9, 2020.

Links, References & Quotes

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – Krishnamurti

“The life of a hedonist is the best preparation for becoming a mystic” – Hermann Hesse

Shipibo Words

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The Journey by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew

what you had to do, and began,

though the voices around you

kept shouting

their bad advice—

though the whole house

began to tremble

and you felt the old tug

at your ankles.

“Mend my life!”

each voice cried.

But you didn’t stop.

You knew what you had to do,

though the wind pried

with its stiff fingers

at the very foundations,

though their melancholy

was terrible.

It was already late

enough, and a wild night,

and the road full of fallen

branches and stones.

But little by little,

as you left their voices behind,

the stars began to burn

through the sheets of clouds,

and there was a new voice

which you slowly

recognized as your own,

that kept you company

as you strode deeper and deeper

into the world,

determined to do

the only thing you could do—

determined to save

the only life you could save.

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Episode 01 – Be Wrong to Stay Young: the healing power of our fallibility

Hi Friends! Welcome to the first episode of The Wylder Talks.  This episode is just me, birthing the podcast and sharing about fallibility as an asset. 

Celebrating humanity’s innate divinity and fallible potential, The Wylder Talks offers conversation with artists, activists, healers, teachers, and plant people.

Tune in to share, explore, and synthesize our unique stories and universal wisdom into medicine for this moment.  

In truth, courage, joy, and levity The Wylder Talks is our living prayer to believe, weave, and be our Ancient Future.

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Thanks and love to producers Ash and Elliott.

The Longest Night is the Best Night

I am a student

therefore a teacher


of the



Because I say so

Because I Gno






The Christed

belong to

no religion

no person

no place




The art, science, and surrender of Creation


Christed is Us

Coming Eye to I


In the place beyond Breath


the first breath of something













The art, science, and surrender of Communion










This wide open wetness of





Don’t ask me


Have we been Communing by pain

What we hate

Total amnesia

Fear and sloth

All alone

Missing our Friends

Killing our Friends

Bound by binary

Ignoring the sick, choking the Ocean, excusing our privilege

guarding our pain with our Life


Me too


May Be

ask me how (please please please show me how)

We Make





Personal responsibility





May We Be

Weeping, Screaming, Feeling

And Making




For a moment

suspend your Self

in the




Spider casts her next thread


Balance in utter


With Faith


You can be so bold

To do only as She commands


Holy Birth includes the Whole


Even You

Even They

Even I

Even We fit in here




The longest night is the best night for Love Making

A Brilliant Christ Mass

Weaving worlds while We walk on water


I’ll meet you There

Moon or no moon


-Faye Wylder


Photo credit Tracy Benjamin

Get Felt Up…emotional sovereignty dismantles the machine


Emotional repression IS white supremacy.

Fear of the roaring release of the Goddess IS patriarchy.

This duality machine would have us believe our feelings aren’t safe. (In fact, FEELING is the safest harbor on Earth).

Anger and grief, the natural responses to the horrors of this machine – genocide, slavery, poverty, digital enslavement, chronic illness and mass-medicating, nuclear war, GMOs and food deserts, capitalism, climate change as huge and destructive weather happenings (emanations of humanity’s violent outrage that impact people of color the most; the result of sustained emotional suppression) are easily quelled by this myth, our sovereign power succumbing to a whirlpool of overwhelmed victimhood.

We keep quiet, numb, and busy in our private, lonely cubicles.

We become so co-dependently fragile, we don’t speak up about rape, murder, and corruption for fear of offending someone and tarnishing our privileged reputation. 

We become the hardened, embittered, lonely, terrified machine.

We are not the machine.

We are the Source. 

Our planet is sobbing, screaming, unraveling.

We are Her. She is We. What’s happening out there happens in Here.

All this (personal political planetary) pain is a beacon for Love. 

A persistent, progressive beacon for Love. (And real love is action.)

And until there’s Love, there’s…

WE are the solutions. (Being the solution, intuiting the solution, means noting without enacting the solution.)

WE are the miraculous embodiment of LOVE.

WE are responsible for this moment, this climate, this planet, this hate, this pain, our pain.

WE are the ones who need to act, in LOVE, NOW.

Until we walk through the gates of our own feelings, so often guarded by pain, we show up defended.

All defense creates all offense…

…creates pain creates giant blame showdowns led by bloated Beings desperate for Love without the faith in their natural ability to Be, Give, and Receive that Love. Beings yet unaware of their sovereignty, mudslinging across perceived sides (all of us do this), avoiding the inevitable spiritual work of unraveling into the Holy Mother’s arms to discover

We Are Her.

With simple presence and breath, we approach our tender places, FEEL our feelings, ourselves, our cells, our potential, our Divinity.

We are new, we are young, we are felt up. We are reSourced. We are reSource.

We are ready…

…to approach the phenomenon of pain, (dressed as hate, denial, and fear), crippling humanity now, with the phenomenon of our own Immaculate Heart, capable of miraculous solutions, capable to stand face to face with the face of Hate without Hating, to get out and serve as Love in action.

Feeling is not a decision.

Feeling is an embodied event hosted by your breath that automatically shifts your frequency to the divine resonance of your Soul. Your genius. Your reason for being Here Now.

FEELING is how you BeCome your purpose.

FEELING is how you become the courage to put your Life on the line that others may live too.

And that’s what this world needs.

We need you. We need Us.

Our prayer is that ALL BEINGS wake up to their place in the totality of Life, NOW, and ask for the help and support to look within, to take radical actions of empowered presence to FEEL their FEELINGs, at their belly and heart, in the light of their own holy breath.

Our prayer is that we cry, hard and beautiful, that we scream in our car and into pillows, that we shake our own body until She sweats and quivers and no longer feels enticed by the lure of finger pointing, rather ready and energized to get out on the streets and in to our Hearts to BE the Change by BEing full-spectrum, awake and aware, emotionally resourced, sovereign, sane Presence who does not need to spend energy defending herself from false terrors and therefore can help wherever she is needed, as she came here to do.

We are not here to Fight.

We are here to Love.

And it’s Love that requires Courage.

God hear our prayer.

And so it is.




FEELING is the required landscape to navigate your way to God (LOVE). Ignored, feelings quickly calcify in our tissues and psyche, becoming really, really heavy, making Light Work tough and daily living impossible.
We’ve been conditioned that FEELING is scary and dangerous, but it’s repression that is epidemic and dangerous – the seed of all rage, violence, depression, and terror.
FEELING is the gateway to peace, fulfillment, and divine knowing.
FEELING isn’t in the mind. It doesn’t happen by decision.
FEELING is an embodied event hosted by your breath that automatically shifts your frequency to the divine resonance of your Soul.
FEELING must be at the Heart of all activism. When we show up felt up, we are resourced to approach the most monstrous forms of fear, anger, and grief manifesting as hate and horror with undefended LOVE.
And LOVE is the only Power the Universe abides by.
So, let’s get to it, shall we?